Chalfont St. Peter Rally, Saturday 6th September

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Event update – This event has been postponed and new date is to be confirmed when the fields are dryer to allow us to park in them. This farm has no parking and we originally planned to park in one of the fields but due to the very wet weather recently and the nearest street roads being nearly 1 mile away from the event we have decided it is best to rearrange when it has had chance to dry up a little. We tried our best to get parking somewhere but their just isn’t anywhere suitable. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but rest assured we will be holding the event here as soon as the weather allows us to. Thank you

For this event which is of Saxon origin, our dig consists of 100 acres of open pasture and woodland spread across 11 paddocks open with woodland and ancient park in Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire.

Chalfont St Peter is a village and civil parish in Chiltern district in south-east Buckinghamshire, England. It is in a group of villages called The Chalfonts which also includes Chalfont St Giles and Little Chalfont.

At the time of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 949 there was no distinction made between the three separate villages: the whole area was known as Ceadeles funtan, which is Anglo-Saxon meaning Caedele’s Fountain. The villages were however separated by 1237 when in manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter was referred to as Chalfund Sancti Petri.

Chalfont St Peter, in the hundred and deanery of Burnham, lies about five miles from Amersham, on the road to London, and nearly six miles from Uxbridge in Middlesex. The manor, which belonged to Missenden Abbey, was granted in 1536 to Robert Drury.

The village was first recorded around the seventh Century as an Anglo Saxon settlement along the river Misbourne by a spring and was called ‘Caedeles Funta’.

Please note: This will be a popular event due to its location and history. If you register, you are expected to attend. If you fail to attend without notifying us via the web contact form, Facebook or other means, you will be removed from the group.

Chalfont St. Peter


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  1. Profile photo of Julie Willis

    Julie Willis


    I have tried to register my partner but unable to as we share the same email address. He would also like to attend this dig. His name is Malc Rogers. Thank you.

  2. Profile photo of Murco



    Hi All – I am new to this. If I register for the above dig, what is the process for paying?

    Many thanks and Happy New Year to all.

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Murco, all digs are pay on the gate in the morning, all we ask is that if you register to go and are unable to attend that you either remover your registration on the days dig or you message us to let us know. Thanks Joe

  3. Profile photo of DaveA



    Hi i’m Number 51. Could you put me down with +1 as my mate is having a problem registering.

  4. Profile photo of Sam



    Hi could you add the missuses she’s not registered.
    Her names Keely.
    Cheers Sam

  5. Profile photo of Arminius



    Hi There
    I have registered and looking frwd as its only 20mins away. Some of my digging buddies want to register for this one but have had problems. Is the dig still available to register for newcomers?

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Arminius yes it is still open, if your buddies are having problems please ask them to email me their usernames and email addresses to [email protected] and i will sort their registrations out, Thanks Joe

  6. Profile photo of eddie



    hi joe do friends –guests have to produce public liability at a dig..

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Eddie, if they are going to be digging then yes please but if they are just coming along with you then no they wont need it. Thanks Joe

  7. Profile photo of Suffolk Hunter

    Suffolk Hunter


    Hi Have registered for this dig, I would like to bring someone with me. SuffolkHunter +1
    Will advise if this changes. Ian

  8. Profile photo of Suffolk Hunter

    Suffolk Hunter


    Hi Joe, thanks my mates insurance has since expired, if I get him to join LGD will he be covered for this dig? Also what is the joining fee. Regards Ian

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Ian, as its his first event with LGD he wont need insurance. If he decides to join us or come on another dig he would then need it but not until his second event. We are free to join although we offer a yearly membership at £20 per 12 months but were already half way through this years so its £10 until 30th June. Paid members are charged £15 per dig and non paid members are charged £20 per dig. Thanks Joe

  9. Profile photo of lee martin

    lee martin


    hi id like to bring my bro, it will be our first outing with LGD I have ins but bro does not, will this be an issue, let me know asap and I will add us to the list or is this something you can do for us. Regards.

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Lee, welcome to Lets Go Digging, all of our members are expected to have their own insurance BUT as its your first with us you will not need it this time but you will need it if you choose to join us again (which im sure you will). Thanks Joe

  10. Profile photo of Marc



    Very Glad I paid the extra £2.00 to enable me to cancel my hotel lol

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Marc, sorry it has been postponed but the only parking we could arrange is a 0.7 mile walk (too much for some) through a very narrow lane, we have to think about the safety of over 100 of you walking down the lanes with the possibility of vehicles coming past you. As soon as it dries up enough we will arrange a visit. Thanks Joe

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