Denby Village, Derbyshire Event – 110 acres of pasture – Sunday 26th November

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This event will be held on 110 acres of undetected pasture.


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Our history begins in 1806, when a seam of clay was found at Denby during the construction of a road to link the industrial towns of Derbyshire. William Bourne, a local entrepreneur, examined the clay and recognised its exceptional qualities.

Production of salt-glazed pottery started at Denby in 1809 from a number of small buildings on the site of the clay bed. William Bourne gave the onerous task of running the business to his youngest son, Joseph.

Known as ‘Joseph Bourne’ the pottery prospered and soon built up an international reputation for its quality bottles and jars. As glass was very expensive in the early 19th century these stoneware bottles were essential for holding commodities like preserves, pickles, ink, polish, mineral water, medicines and even ginger beer.

Joseph was not only ambitious with the commercial acumen to prosper but he was also an innovator and patented many of his ideas for improved firing methods in salt glazed kilns. Salt glazing was a popular method of decorating stoneware at this time. Common salt was thrown onto the kiln fires when the embers were at their hottest. The salt vapour combined with the surface of the pot to produce a shiny brown surface coating.

Sarah Elizabeth and Joseph Harvey had no children to inherit the thriving business and on her death in 1898 control of the pottery passed to two nephews. Sarah’s own nephew withdrew from the business in 1907, leaving her husbands nephew, the third ‘Joseph’ – Joseph Bourne Wheeler as the sole proprietor. In 1916 the firm was formed into a limited liability company with Mr Bourne Wheeler as Governing Director – a post he held until his death in 1942.



Please note: We expect all finds to be shown for photographing, all items considered treasure for the finder to provide identification and a contact number. Whilst it is not our responsibility to report items of treasure found on our digs, we will advise the finder to do so and expect confirmation it has been done. And finds of this nature not reported will result in the finders details being passed to the relevant authority.

The event will start at 9am after a short briefing so please arrive between 8am and 8.45am. Digging finishes at 4.30pm. Parking will be on hard standing on the farm yard and track.

There will be no catering at this event so please bring food and refreshments with you.

If you can no longer attend after registering for the event please UN REGISTER, failure to do so can result in you being blocked from all future LGD events.

Denby Sunday 26th November


Registration opens at 27-10-2017 09:43

Registration closes at 25-11-2017 18:00

Max Participants: 150

Registration is currently closed.


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      Hi Andrew sorry but this event got cancelled due to the permission being on an open cast mining area. Sorry

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