Ingatestone Essex The Return – DATE CHANGED TO Sunday 4th March – 140 acres of pasture

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We are returning to Ingatestone Essex on Sunday 25th March, for this event we have 140 acres of pasture of which 100 acres were detected on Sunday January 14th and the other 40 acres are undetected.

Our recent visit here saw some wonderful finds including around 45 hammered coins (all different types), a Roman ring, a Medieval gold ring,a modern sovereign ring, some stunning brooches yet to be identified and hundreds of other interesting artifacts and coins.

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Ingatestone (anciently Ingerston, Ingerstone, Ingarston, Ingaston, etc.) was stablished in Saxon times  on the Essex Great Road (now the A12) running between the two Roman towns of Londinium (London) and Camulodunum (Colchester).

The name is derived from the Middle English Yenge-atte-Stone. Latinised as Ginge ad Petram, meaning parcel of land at the stone. It was also recorded in the form ‘Gynge atte Stone’ in 1430.

Stone is not prevalent in the local geology making the village’s stone, deposited by glacial action, unusual for the area. A large Sarsen stone can still be seen, split into three pieces, with one being located by the west door of the St Edmund and St Mary’s parish church and one each side of the entrance to Fryerning Lane.

Ingatestone belonged to Barking Abbey from about 950 AD until the Dissolution of the Monasteries, when it was purchased from the Crown by Sir William Petre. Petre, originally a lawyer from Devon, had risen to become the Secretary of State to Henry VIII. He built a large courtyard house, Ingatestone Hall, as his home in the village, along with almshouses which still exist today as private cottages in Stock Lane.

By the time of the Domesday Book in 1086, Fryerning and Ingatestone (Inga) were recorded as being in the Hundred of Chelmsford.

Fryerning is a small village situated approximately 1.5 miles north of Ingatestone in Essex, England. The Parish Church ‘St. Mary the Virgin’ on Blackmore Road dates back from the 11th century, with a 15th-century brick tower and the area has several large woodlands populated by substantial deer herds.

St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Fryerning 

A Brief History of the church

In England’s Thousand Best Churches (1999) Simon Jenkins writes, ‘we could be nowhere but Essex. The church sits on a small eminence attended by a grove of Scots pines amid open fields.

Prior to the Norman conquest, a large area south west of Chelmsford was known as Gigingas or Gegingas. This included the syllable ‘ing’ meaning possession and is seen in the names of Ingatestone, Fryerning, Margaretting, Mountnessing and Ingrave. It appears that the Normans divided up the territory and Ingatestone and Fryerning were known collectively as Ging-at-the-stone. Fryerning was given to Robert de Gernon, whose grandson Gilbert Montfitchet granted half the manor of Ginges, together with the church, to the Knights Hospitallers of Jerusalem. The Knights Hospitallers were suppressed in 1540 by Henry V111. The area became the property of Sir William Banners, a royal auditor. It became known as Ging Berners or Ging Fryerne, a reference to the Knights Hospitalers who were known as fratres of friars. In the late 16th century part of the area became the possession of the De Vere family, Earls of Oxford. Thee generations later, William Berner’s great grandson sold Fryerning to Sir Nicholas Wadham. He married Dorothy, daughter of William Petre. This couple founded Wadham College in Oxford. The college have been patrons of the church since 1620 and were involved in the appointment of the present incumbent.

The nave is the oldest part of the building, dating from the 11th century. It is constructed of pudding stone, together with courses of flint and quartz peddles and are three feet thick. There are also occasional courses of Roman tiles. It is know there was a Roman villa in the parish. There are five rounded Norman windows, one bricked up and only visible from the outside.

The font is finely carved from Caen stone from Normandy, where it was probably made. It is 12th century. It has iron staple marks on the top to show it could be locked so that the holy water could not be stolen. These were ordered to be fitted in 1236. It is possible that this font, together with two similar ones at Little Lavers and Abbess Roding, were given to the churches by Matilda, mother of Henry 11. She is known to have given generously to churches and these three churches were all connected with relations or friends of hers. The design on the font are on the north face a Vine, the west a Cross and Crown, on the east a tree of Jesse and the south the Sun, Moon and Stars.

The brick tower was constructed in the early 16th century by the Knights Hospitalers, replacing an earlier wooden one. The bricks are almost certainly of local origin. Two local fields are still known as Brick Kiln Field and Brick Clamp Field. Technical evidence strongly points to the tower having been constructed under Girolamo de Trevizi, architect to Henry V111.

The six bells date from the 16th century. The oldest is the second, made in 1590 by Robert Mot.

So the history is all there for our dig, DONT MISS IT!

The Dig will commence at 09:00 and finish at 16:30 and we will have FULL CATERING on this event.




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  1. Profile photo of tony corneliu thira

    tony corneliu thira


    Hi. I registered as a passenger; the driver is cuffs (user name), he’s already registered in the “Drivers” section. Cheers.

  2. Profile photo of Doug



    Hello. I have registered for the Essex dig in march. I will be bringing my 15yr old son with me. Thankyou

  3. Profile photo of Mick Moylan

    Mick Moylan


    Hi Joanne Registered In Car list nr 69, I’ll have Simon Moylan (Sidiggerm) and Jim Meadway (Digmeup) with me, they haven’t registered on the passenger yet as they are technophobes

  4. Profile photo of Bob the builder

    Bob the builder


    Hi I have registered for Sunday 25th of March I have added also to passenger as a plus 1 for my brother is this correct please thanks

  5. Profile photo of KevK



    Hi , I’ve registered on both the driver and passenger… As we cant remember the wife’s log in ..

  6. Profile photo of mark stote

    mark stote


    can you add lee oaker to the passenger list for re vist to ingatestone i can not add him as he uses my lap top to so ive regetered under driver as markyman123 thank you

  7. Profile photo of Geoffhamblin



    Hi I would like to bring my daughter along, she would not be detecting, do I need to register her as a passenger? Thanks

  8. Profile photo of Mick Moylan

    Mick Moylan


    Hi Joanne my friend Jim Meadway (digmeup) wants to re register on the passenger list for this event but can’t remember his password can you assist please ( [email protected] )

  9. Profile photo of Paul McKie

    Paul McKie


    Hi, I am new to both this site and detecting, if anyone needs a lift from the Southend/Hockley/Rayleigh area let me know and we can possibly arrange something for this dig and maybe some of the further away ones.

  10. Profile photo of Bob the builder

    Bob the builder


    I’m registered for the dig in the 4th with my brother as a passenger am I limited to 1 passenger as my son would also like to come with us thanks Mike

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      HI Mike, you are welcome to bring as many passengers as you like, all i need is a name for each of them if they will be detecting and over the age of 16. Thanks

  11. Profile photo of Glen Foden

    Glen Foden


    Hi Joanna sos i had to unregister from windsor today (28/01) my lift fell yhrough. I will be attending this one,
    i have registerd my name in both the car and the passenger list as my m8 who drives is not registered on here yet. Is this ok. Cheers.

  12. Profile photo of Peter stock

    Peter stock


    Is there a waiting list in case someone pulls out would really like to go as I noticed a Stock lane at Ingatestone & my last name is Stock could be a sign

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Peter, the list changes all the time with people dropping out, best thing to do is keep an eye on it to see if a space comes up. Alternatively theres always car sharing as an option as our only real restriction for this event is parking. Joe

  13. Profile photo of Liam Miller

    Liam Miller


    Hi i put my name on 4×4 and passsengers because my friend is coming but can’t sign up for some reason thanks.

  14. Profile photo of Chris Moore

    Chris Moore


    Hi is it ok for me to bring an extra passenger Adele Moore please

    Many thanks Chris Moore

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