Raddington, the Return. New fields, grazed pasture. July 29th.

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This dig will take place in Raddington, Somerset. We have been to two farms in this area, one that allowed us to detect right up to the medieval church walls! This visit is to the second farm where we have land extremely close to Tumulus and an ancient settlement. Totally undetected, we will have approximately 75-100 acres, on the highets section of the farm. Previous visits to the area have produced hammered coinage, some Roman, a viking artefact and many other items.

Here is a video of one of our previus visits to Raddington.


Here are some links to the history of Raddington:



https://www.archiuk.com/cgi-bin/web-archi.pl?PlacenameFromPlacenameFinder=Raddington&CountyFromPlacenameFinder=Somerset&distance=10000&ARCHIFormNGRLetter=ST&ARCHIFormNGR_x=02&ARCHIFormNGR_y=25&info2search4=placename_search&[email protected]

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Raddington Rally, Somerset 29th July. 75 acres+ grazed pasture.


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    Can you please let me no we’re meeting up is thanks again Dave

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      Location details will be announced the day prior to the dig Dave as with all events.

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    Richard Tarr


    Unfortunately this clashes with the DCDD weekender and I can’t manage both. I hope some great stuff comes up for you.

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