Steventon Return – Roman Permission – Sunday 10th December

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We have managed to get permission to return to STEVENTON, the Roman permission for Sunday 10th December. For anybody who didn’t attend, we have visited this permission once before in the summer.

We had around five pasture fields that surrounded a cultivated field most of the members never left the cultivated field as they were pulling up between 3 and 14 roman coins each, we also saw  2 Celtic units, silver Roman Denaruis, Hammered and a gold coin, Roman brooches & beads stunning artifacts. We lost count at over 250 Roman we think around 300 all different types.

We have been asked if we can go back so the question was asked and thankfully our farmer has agreed,so we have been offered all the pasture fields surround the fields we had last time . NOT the roman field as its not ready until next year now but the pasture we are welcome to do. Out of the five pasture fields, three were hardly touched especially the two biggest ones the odd detectorist or two might have gone in but we don’t really remember anyone going in them. The first two smaller pasture fields have had the odd few campers on and there still produced hammered, roman coins and a ring.

These pasture fields are literally feet from the roman field as they surround it. We believe there’s a very good possibility there is a lot more in these pasture fields, maybe better than the cultivated we did previously. Only our opinion as we cant see it all just been in the one field that can be so productive.

As im sure you are aware it has to be limited and will fill very quick so please register early to get your place . ONLY register if your going to attend or make sure you unregister if you cant as there will be a reserve list and we want every one to get a place. This will be open to FULL paid LGD members only. See pics of finds from last visit. Take note this is the pasture fields that surround the Roman field that is the event picture.


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Steventon Rally - Sunday 10th December



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  1. Profile photo of Huskyboyo



    can you add a +1 for me – he’s going to join (but hasn’t done so yet). thanks

  2. Profile photo of Carl Brailey

    Carl Brailey


    Hi Joanne I paid for membership yesterday 11th I was just wondering if you received it ? Username is hammytime. Also… Is there any chance I can go on reserve list for the Steventon dig?? Tia

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Carl, as you paid membership to attend this dig i will add you to it if you would still like to go. Thanks

  3. Profile photo of carol silk

    carol silk


    Hi Joanne,
    Colin Silk is a paid up member of LGD can you put him on the reserve list please for Steventon.
    Best Wishes Carol Silk

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