Sunday 3rd December, Roman Fort site, Caereinion, Welshpool! 70+ acres

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There’s little to say about this event, other than we have 15 fields of over 70 acres where the town is built upon the site of an old Roman fort and nearby is the site of the Battle of Maes Moydog.

The Battle of Maes Moydog was a battle that took place at the field of Moydog on 5 March 1295 during the revolt of Madog ap Llywelyn and others against English rule, near the modern-day town of Llanfair Caereinion in Powys, Wales.
Madog’s opponent was the earl of Warwick William de Beauchamp, who, on hearing that Madog’s army were camped in a valley close to his base at Welshpool, made a night march on 4 March and surrounded Madog’s army. Madog had his spearmen formed into a square, and repelled an English cavalry charge, killing around 10 men at arms. However, Warwick’s innovative deployment of archers and crossbows gave the English the upper hand. Surrounded, Madog’s men fought their way out of the encirclement and killed a further 90 English men, then retreated across the swollen river Banwy, in which many drowned. A second, smaller engagement near a place that the English records call ‘Thesseweit’ – the location of which remains uncertain – resulted in the loss of Madog’s supply train. English losses totalled around one hundred dead; Welsh losses were placed at seven hundred. The battle was a crucial step in breaking Welsh resistance in the revolt; Madog went to ground and was captured in late July.

The cost for this event is £15 for our fully paid up members and £20 for non-members/guests.

Please note, it’s only £20 to join Lets Go Digging and you get a fiver off each dig you do with us so along with all the other benefits, discounts on detectors etc etc, it’s daft not to join us!

if you would like to attend this event, please register below and remember, if you find you cannot attend for any reason, DE-REGISTER! Failure to comply with this will result in you being removed from LGD and restricted from attending future events.

Llanfair Caereiron


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