Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire Rally – Sunday 4th February – 180 acres

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This event is being held on 180 acres of undetected ridge and furrow grazed pasture. Its is around 1 mile as the crow flys from Waddesdon manor. There will be hot catering on the event thanks to Nigel @ Foodie Doodies. 




The parish church of St Michael and All Angels dates from 1190 with medieval and Victorian additions.

Between 1897 and 1936, Waddesdon had train services on the Aylesbury and Buckingham Railway (later part of the Metropolitan) at Waddesdon Manor railway station, two miles from the village. There was also a halt on the Brill Tramway.

In 1874, Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild bought a large estate in the area and built the mansion of Waddesdon Manor on a hill-top above the village. He transformed Waddesdon into an estate village, with new houses for employees and tenants, a school, a public house, cricket pavilion and village hall.

Waddesdon Manor and grounds are now the property of the National Trust, and Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild retains the estate and a house at nearby Eythrope.

On 17 November 2017, near Waddesdon, there was a mid-air collision between an aeroplane and a helicopter, with four fatalities

Waddesdon Manor


In 1874, Baron Ferdinand bought a farming estate from the Duke of Marlborough with money inherited from his father Anselm. He was familiar with the estate as he had seen it while hunting in the area. There was no existing house, park or garden, only a bare hill that had been stripped of its timber. The foundation stone was laid on 18 August 1877, and the site was quickly transformed.

The first house party was held in May 1880 with seven of Ferdinand’s close male friends enjoying a grand fireworks display. When the main house was ready in 1883, Ferdinand invited 20 guests to stay. Before his premature death in 1898, on weekends between May and September Baron Ferdinand played host to many important guests including the future Edward VII, politicians and members of The Soulsgroup. House parties usually involved 14 to 20 people coming to stay.

Guests commented on the level of luxury service provided by the 24 house staff. In 1890, Queen Victoria unusually requested to pay a visit. She was impressed with the beauty of the house and grounds as well as Ferdinand’s ability to quietly manage the day’s events. She was struck by the newly installed electric lights, especially designed to look like candles in the chandeliers, and it is reported that she asked for the room to be darkened to fully witness the effect.


Plan of Waddesdon’s ground floor. 1:Vestibule; 2:Entrance Hall, 3 Red Drawing room; 4:Grey Drawing Room; 5:Library; 6:Baron’s Sitting room; 7:Morning Room; 8:West Hall; 9:West Gallery; 10:East Gallery; 11:Dining Room; 12:Conservatory; 13:Breakfast Room; 14:Kitchen; 15:Servant’s Hall; 16:Housekeeper’s Rooms; 17:Site of further servants quarters (not illustrated); 18:Terrace and parterre; 19 North Drive; St:staircases.

Front entrance

When Baron Ferdinand died in 1898, the house passed to his sister Alice de Rothschild. She saw Waddesdon as a memorial for her brother and was committed to preserving it. She did add significant items to the collection, particularly furniture and carpets with French royal provenances, Meissen porcelain, textiles and armor.

Following Alice de Rothschild’s death in 1922, the property and collections passed to her French great-nephew James A. “Jimmy” de Rothschild, who was married to an English woman, Dorothy Pinto. James further enriched the Manor with objects from the collections of his late father Baron Edmond James de Rothschild of Paris.

James and Dorothy hosted a Liberal Party rally at Waddesdon in 1928, where David Lloyd George addressed the crowd. During World War II, children under the age of five were evacuated from Croydon and lived at Waddesdon Manor, the only time children lived in the house. James and Dorothy also provided asylum for a group of Jewish boys from Frankfurt at Waddesdon.


Dutch and English paintings in the Morning Room

When James de Rothschild died in 1957, he bequeathed Waddesdon Manor, 120 acres (0.49 km2) of grounds and its contents to the National Trust, to be preserved for posterity. Dorothy moved to Eythrope and the Manor was never again used as a residence. It opened to the public in 1959 with around 27,000 visitors in the first year. Dorothy chaired the new management committee in close collaboration with the National Trust and took a very keen interest in Waddesdon for the remainder of her long life.

At Dorothy’s death in 1989, Jacob Rothschild inherited her position and responsibilities. At his initiative, the Manor underwent a major restoration from 1990 to 1997, and the visitor attractions were enhanced, including the creation of the Waddesdon Wine Cellars.


Jacob Rothschild chairs the family charity handling Waddesdon’s management, the Rothschild Foundation. Waddesdon Manor operates as an independent organization within the National Trust.

From 2004 to 2006, the Baron’s Room and Green Boudoir were restored to reflect Baron Ferdinand’s original arrangements. In 2003 a burglary was committed involving the Johnson Gang, when approximately 100 gold snuff boxes and other items were stolen from the collection prompting the installation of new security measures.

Since 2004 there has been an exhibitions programme. Notable exhibitions include the Lod Mosaic in 2014. Waddesdon was one venue celebrating the work of Henry Moore in 2015.

New works of art have been acquired by the Rothschild Foundation to complement the existing collections at Waddesdon, such as Le Faiseur de Châteaux de Cartes by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, added in 2007.

There has also been a program of engagement with contemporary artists, beginning with Angus Fairhurst represented by Arnolfini in 2009. Works have been sited near the Manor and on the wider estate including by Richard Long, Sarah Lucas and Angus Fairhurst. In 2012, Christie’s chose the Manor to exhibit sculptures by leading contemporary artists.

Between 2013 and 2017, Bruce Munro had a residency at Waddesdon Manor, beginning with the musical and light piece Cantus Arcticus in the Coach House Gallery in 2013. Winter Light (2013), with its distinctive wigwam type structures sited in the gardens of the Manor, was Munro’s first solo exhibition of his large-scale pieces; Winter Light returned in 2016-2017. In 2014, Munro developed his pod-like structures, adding elements of language in Snow Code, shown in the Manor. In …—…SOS, Munro’s winter exhibition of 2015-2016, tents were lit up in tune with sound, in response to images of disaster relief.

In 2012, Edmund de Waal exhibited work in the Manor, creating a dialogue between his work and the historical interiors. In 2015, artist Joana Vasconcelos was commissioned to install two sculptures entitled Lafite in front of the Manor. In 2016, Kate Malone exhibited a collection of new work inspired by the people, gardens, collections and archive. Two portrait pots of Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild and Alice de Rothschild by Malone remain on display at the Manor.

2017 mid-air collision

On 17 November 2017, a mid-air collision occurred between an aeroplane and a helicopter near Waddesdon Manor, resulting in four deaths, two on each aircraft. The crash happened just outside the Manor grounds, close to the village of Upper Winchendon. The wreckage landed in dense woodland. Emergency services were called at 12:06 GMT. Seven fire vehicles, the Thames Valley air ambulance, two ambulances, and a rapid response vehicle attended.

The crash involved a Cessna 152, registration G-WACG, and a Guimbal Cabri G2 registration G-JAMM, each with two people on board. Both aircraft had come from Wycombe Air Park, 23 miles (37 km) from the crash site. The Cessna had previously been involved in an incident in 1993.

The pilot of the helicopter was Mike Green, an instructor who was training a student pilot at the time. The student pilot was later announced as being a captain in the Vietnamese Army, who was training to become a military flight instructor. The bodies of all four victims were removed from the site on 19 November.

Thames Valley Police stated that the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) had been informed. Military support was provided to assist with recovery of the wreckage of the two aircraft, which was dispatched to the AAIB’s headquarters at Farnborough Airport, Hampshire.


The town name is of Old English origin. Its first recorded name Æglesburgh is thought to mean “Fort of Ægel”, though who Ægel was is not recorded. Since earliest records there have been 57 variations of the name.

Excavations in the town centre in 1985 found an Iron Age hill fort dating from the early 4th century BC. Aylesbury was one of the strongholds of the ancient Britons, from whom it was taken in the year 571 by Cutwulph, brother of Ceawlin, King of the West Saxons; and had a fortress or castle “of some importance, from which circumstance probably it derives its Saxon appellation”.

Aylesbury was a major market town in Anglo-Saxon times, the burial place of Saint Osgyth, whose shrine attracted pilgrims. The Early English parish church of St. Mary (which has many later additions) has a crypt beneath. Once thought to be Anglo-Saxon, it is now recognised as being of the same period as the medieval chapel above. At the Norman conquest, the king took the manor of Aylesbury for himself, and it is listed as a royal manor in the Domesday Book, 1086. Some lands here were granted by William the Conqueror to citizens upon the extraordinary tenure that the owners should provide straw for the monarch’s bed, sweet herbs for his chamber and two green geese and three eels for his table, whenever he should visit Aylesbury.

In 1450, a religious institution called the Guild of St Mary was founded in Aylesbury by John Kemp, Archbishop of York. Known popularly as the Guild of Our Lady it became a meeting place for local dignitaries and a hotbed of political intrigue. The guild was influential in the final outcome of the Wars of the Roses. Its premises at the Chantry in Church Street, Aylesbury, are still there, though today the site is occupied mainly by almshouses.

Aylesbury was declared the new county town of Buckinghamshire in 1529 by King Henry VIII: Aylesbury Manor was among the many properties belonging to Thomas Boleyn, the father of Anne Boleyn, and it is rumoured that the change was made by the King to curry favour with the family. The plague decimated the population in 1603/4.

The town played a large part in the English Civil War when it became a stronghold for the Parliamentarian forces, like many market towns a nursing-ground of Puritan sentiment and in 1642 the Battle of Aylesbury was fought and won by the Parliamentarians. Its proximity to Great Hampden, home of John Hampden has made of Hampden a local hero: his silhouette is on the emblem used by Aylesbury Vale District Council and his statue stands prominently in the town centre. Aylesbury-born composer, Rutland Boughton (1878–1960), possibly inspired by the statue of John Hampden, created a symphony based on Oliver Cromwell.

On 18 March 1664, Robert Bruce, 2nd Earl of Elgin in the Peerage of Scotland was created 1st Earl of Ailesbury

The grade II listed Jacobean mansion of Hartwell adjoining the southwest of the town was the residence of Louis XVIII during his exile (1810–1814). Bourbon Street in Aylesbury is named after the king. Louis’s wife, Marie Josephine of Savoy died at Hartwell in 1810 and is the only French queen to have died on English soil. After her death, her body was carried first to Westminster Abbey, and one year later to Sardinia, where the Savoy King of Sardinia had withdrawn during Napoleonic occupation of Turin and Piedmont; she is buried in the Cathedral of Cagliari.

Aylebury’s heraldic crest displays the Aylesbury duck, which has been bred here since the birth of the Industrial Revolution, although only one breeder, Richard Waller, of true Aylesbury ducks remains today.

The town also received international publicity in the 1963 when the culprits responsible for the Great Train Robbery (1963) were tried at Aylesbury Crown Court. The robbery took place at Bridego Bridge, a railway bridge at Ledburn, about six miles (10 km) from the town.

A notable institution is Aylesbury Grammar School which was founded in 1598. The original building is now part of the County Museum buildings in Church Street and has grade II architecture; other grammar schools now include Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School and Aylesbury High School. Other notable buildings are the King’s Head Inn, which with the Fleece Inn at Bretforton is one of the few public houses in the country owned by the National Trust still run as a public house, and the Queens Park Centre.

James Henry Govier the British painter and etcher lived at Aylesbury and produced a number of works relating to the town including the church, canal, Walton, Aylesbury Gaol, the King’s Head Inn and views of the town during the 1940s and 1950s, examples of which can be seen in the Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury.

William the conqueror owned land in Aylesbury. And Aylesbury was declared the new county of Buckinghamshire by King Henry VIII (8th) in 1529.


Please note: We expect all finds to be shown for photographing, all items considered treasure for the finder to provide identification and a contact number. Whilst it is not our responsibility to report items of treasure found on our digs, we will advise the finder to do so and expect confirmation it has been done. And finds of this nature not reported will result in the finders details being passed to the relevant authority.

The event will start at 9am after a short briefing so please arrive between 8am and 8.45am. Digging finishes at 4.30pm. Parking will be on the farm yard.

There will be catering at this event thanks to Nigel @ Foodie Doodies.

If you can no longer attend after registering for the event please UN REGISTER, failure to do so can result in you being blocked from all future LGD events.

Non paid members £20
Paid members with a membership card £15
Under 16s free (no need to register)

Waddesdon, Aylesbury Sunday 4th February - Car


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