Brightwalton Camping Weekend VENUE CHANGE!!! Please read update!

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OX13 6AP Is the postcode. We are camping on GRASS field, not the detecting fields!!!

Good morning all! Well, we’re at the new permission and there’s a BIG Brucie bonus. It ain’t stubble, it’s all cultivated!!! Super looking land and a farmer that really wants to work with us! He’s topping an area especially for the camping and rolling a track across the fields. 100 acres+ per day in a predominantly Saxon area. Today’s going to be a busy one working behind the farmer to get set up as he clears the way. We will also have a large water container in the camping area. Right, we’re all off now to start the set up:). See you all soon!!!


This is a very important announcement regarding the Brightwalton event. On arrival this afternoon, the farmer notified us he hadn’t managed to combine the fields he had for us. Obviously with us being on site ready to start the set up this had left us little option other than to cancel the event. However, rather than let everyone down, we have been calling on and contacting farmers all around the area and we’ve come up trumps. We have secured a few hundred acres of combined stubble in between Steventon and West Hanney which on research, seems to be an area that will certainly offer some consolation to those looking forward to this event. We have confirmed with the landowner that we will be doing the event and hope everyone will join us. Obviously if there are any of our members that do not wish to take advantage of this alternative permission, we will fully understand and all we ask is that you remove your name from the register. Everything else will remain the same as the Brightwalton event. ONLY THE VENUE HAS CHANGED!!!

Please read the details below and myself and Paul both hope to see you this weekend.

In September 2009 a metal detecting club held its annual rally at a site in the parish where one detectorist found a Saxon grave from early in the 7th century ADcontaining the skeleton of a young woman with grave goods including one spindle whorl, two iron knives and two ceramic pots that may have contained food

Near the grave the detectorist found an ornate circular Saxon metal brooch inlaid with gold, garnets and coral. This type of brooch was previously known from Kent, East Anglia, Essex and Bedfordshire but the one from West Hanney is further west than all previously found examples, making it “a find described as of national importance. It has yet to be determined where the brooch may have been made.

The village had a parish church by the time of the Domesday Book in 1086. The earliest part of the present Church of England parish church of Saint James the Great is the nave, built about 1150. The north tower was added later in the 12th century and the south transept is 13th-century. In the 14th century the nave was lengthened westward and the south arcadeand aisle were added. The chancel was rebuilt in the 15th century. In the 19th century the church was restored, the nave was increased in height awith a clerestory, and the south porch was added. The church is a Grade II* listed building.


Steventon Priory was founded early in the 12th century in the reign of Henry I. It was an alien priory, controlled by the Benedictine Bec Abbey in Normandy. In the 14th century alien priories became unpopular with the Crown, and in the reign of Edward III the abbey was allowed to sell Steventon Priory to an English squire, Sir Hugh Calveley.

The Domesday Book of 1086 records a church in the manor of Stevento The earliest part of the present Church of England parish church of St Michael and All Angels is a capital in the south arcade. It is in “stiff-leaf” style, which is an Early English feature. Page and Ditchfield concluded that it dated from about 1220.

In the 14th century St Michael’s was rebuilt in Perpendicular Gothic style and apparently enlarged for Sir Hugh Calveley. The position of the tower is slightly unusual, on the south side of the nave and combined with the porch. The south aisle is of three and a half bays, parallelling the chancel and the eastern part of the nave, and having at its west end an arch into the bottom stage of the tower.

St Michael’s is a Grade I listed building. Its parish is now linked with those of Drayton and Milton.
Steventon Methodist Church
The tower has a ring of six bells. William Yare of Reading, Berkshire cast the fourth and tenor bells in 1613. Henry I Knight, also of Reading, cast the second bell in 1617. Ellis II Knight and Henry III Knight cast the treble bell in 1674. William Taylor of Loughborough cast the third and fifth bells in 1849, presumably at the foundry in Oxford that his family ran until 1854.

Parish church EdThe village had a parish church by the time of the Domesday Book in 1086. The earliest part of the present Church of England parish church of Saint James the Great is the nave, built about 1150. The north tower was added later in the 12th century and the south transept is 13th-century. In the 14th century the nave was lengthened westward and the south arcadeand aisle were added. The chancel was rebuilt in the 15th century. In the 19th century the church was restored, the nave was increased in height awith a clerestory, and the south porch was added. The church is a Grade II* listed building.


The first Brightwalton Camping Weekend for 2017 is here at last! Over 200 acres of previously undetected land is being made available on what has proven to be one of our best permissions to date! We’ve found it all here, Saxon Sceats, Roman bronze and silver. Countless hammered coinage, gold coins, gold rings, you name it. It’s been found here. For this one we are in new territory, previously undetected fields to start us off.

Our last visit was for our Xmas event which can be watched here-

If you would like to attend this weekend, whether camping or as a day visitor, please add your name on the relevant register below. The cost for this event will be £50 for the whole weekend, arrivals will be admitted on the Friday ready to get set up and are welcome to leave on the Monday. There will be toilets on site and full catering facilities. Please ensure you do have a supply of water as we cannot always guarantee easy access although we can usually get enough to keep you going!



Each day will commence with a briefing at 08:25 and detecting will start at 08:30, finishing late.




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Please only add your name here if you are camping for the whole weekend. If you are attending firnthe weekend but not camping, book in as a day visitor each day below.


Please add your name here if you are attending as a day visitor

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Please add your name here if you are attending as a day visitor


  1. Profile photo of Scooby



    I’m registered already but bringing + 1 ex member ‘Skylark’ on Sunday.

  2. Profile photo of Ray Edwards

    Ray Edwards


    Chris, I would like to claim my free dig on this one please for the Normandy dig that I attended earlier this year. I am only coming on the Sunday.

  3. Profile photo of Carl



    Really can’t wait for this dig, having withdrawal symptoms from lack of detecting! And looking forwards to catching with great friends.

    Take care guys and gals. See you all soon.


  4. Profile photo of Stephen Parkin

    Stephen Parkin


    Hello Chris, would it be possible to invite my son who has never been metal detecting before, who has shown an intress just lately. I have booked the camping weekend. Kind regards Steve.

  5. Profile photo of Petra



    I’ve registered for Sunday, I will be bringing 2 others, Martin Norris and John Charlton both LP members

  6. Profile photo of linda perfect

    linda perfect


    Hello, this is the first lgd event I’ve booked for. Do I have to be a member of any national metal detecting organisations to attend? Thankyou.

    • Profile photo of Chris



      Hi Linda, please join the NCMD (NCMD.CO.UK). Bring your payment receipt with you if cards not arrived in time.

  7. Profile photo of shaun+carol



    hi, can you confirm correct price for the weekend , as on the rally events on facebook the cost is priced as £45 , so abit confused. Also is it different fields for Saturday and sunday, many thanks

    • Profile photo of Chris



      Hi, it’s £50 for the weekend, there was an error on the Facebook page. And yes, different fields each day.

  8. Profile photo of Keith Webster

    Keith Webster


    Dumb question from a newbie here.
    I am registered for the whole weekend, but have no idea where we are coming to.

    How do I find that out please?
    Many thanks Chris

    • Profile photo of colinh



      I’m pretty sure the postcode and maps etc are posted on here either 24 or 48 hours prior to the event or sent to your email :)

      • Profile photo of Chris



        The postcode is always published the evening prior to the event, never emailed out. It can be found on the event description on the website and on Facebook.

    • Profile photo of Chris



      Hi Keith, the postcode will be published on the website event description and our Facebook page by the Thursday evening prior to the event.

  9. Profile photo of Thomas john

    Thomas john


    Hi, could somebody please tell me if it will be ok for me to come down on a motorbike? I’m booked for the weekend but my dad isn’t coming on this one so I am struggling for a lift in a car. Thanks in advance.

  10. Profile photo of 'Detector King'

    'Detector King'


    hi! Just registered for the weekend camping. Will be coming in the camper van. Partner wants to come along too. Does she have to register as well?

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi, no we only need all detectorists to register, no need to register guests and under 14’s. Thanks Joe

  11. Profile photo of David Foster

    David Foster


    Am registered for camping weekend have tried to register my mate as well but unable to .Steven Waring will b attending weekend camping with me cheers

  12. Profile photo of billyg



    i have just paid for full membership,could you bring my new membership card to the dig this weekend if possible.thanks bill

  13. Profile photo of The Chief

    The Chief


    Big shame never mind other area looks good. Is it the same fields that the other club had the Christmas rally on or undetected also will it be different fields each day as I can only come Sunday. Sorry for the questions

  14. Profile photo of Thomas john

    Thomas john


    I am going to have to drop out. My motorbike now has an issue preventing me from even going for parts to repair it tomorrow. Absolutely gutted! Anybody coming through Manchester on way to the dig tomorrow?

  15. Profile photo of Graham Anderson

    Graham Anderson


    Just for your numbers, I’m registered for Sunday and bringing 3 guests. Well done for the change of venue by the way, looks awesome.

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