Drayton, Oxfordshire Rally 10th September, 100 acres!

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DRAYTON RALLY DETAILS – Please be advised that these fields are rough cultivated stubble as in pics so lumpy in places and better in other places , We have 3 massive fields , The postcode is OX14 4SU that will take you to Barrow rd which is a dead end , turn up Barrow road past the houses until you reach a track in front of you follow the track go over a bridge over motorway and we are just down their .. PLEASE RESPECT THE NEIGHBOURS ON BARROW RD AND DRIVE SLOW PAST THE HOUSES – Please don’t arrive before 7am and arrive before 8.30 am . Drive safe see you all Sunday . Please note there will be NO catering on this event so please bring your own food and refreshments. Thank you




This event is being held on 100+ acres very near to Drayton, Oxfordshire.

Two sites of former settlements in the parish are scheduled monuments. One is about 1⁄2 mile (800 m) north of the village at Sutton Wick, overlapping the parish boundary with Abingdon.The other is around Brook Farm, about 1⁄2 mile (800 m) southeast of the village.

An episode of the Channel 4 television series Time Team called “In the Halls of a Saxon King”, first transmitted on 5 September 2010, investigated archaeological sites from various periods between Drayton and its eastern neighbour Sutton Courtenay. They included a Neolithic site called the Drayton Cursus.

In 1965 a late Saxon sword was found during ploughing on a field beside Barrow Lane. It is similar to swords found at Windsor, Berkshire and Gooderstone, Suffolk.

The earliest known forms of Drayton’s toponym are the Old English Drægtune and Draigtun from the 10th century. It evolved through Draitune in the 10th and 11th centuries, Draitun from the 11th to the 13th century and Drettun in the 12th century. The current spelling of the name has been used since the 13th century.
Drayton Manor House. The wing on the left is 18th century. The range on the right is 15th century, behind an early 20th century front.

In AD 955 King Eadred granted 10 hides of land at Drayton to a thegn called Eadwold. Eadred’s successors confirmed the grant. Eadwold left the estate to Abingdon Abbey but King Æthelred II, who was crowned in 978, seems to have held the manor, as in 983 he granted three hides of it to his butler, Wulfgar. In 1000 Æthelred granted the same three hides plus a watermill at Drayton to Abingdon Abbey. In the 11th century the land seems to have been divided into two manors: West and East Drayton.

The oldest parts of Drayton’s current Manor House are 15th century. A wing was added in the 18th century and the front is early 20th century. The house is a Grade II* listed building.

The day will commence with a 5 minute briefing at 08:25 and onto the fields for 08:30.

Please register below and remember, if you need to drop out, please remove your name from the list or notify a member of the LGD team!


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    I have just registered please can I add Martin Norris and John Charlton both LP members as well

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    Can you remove Kimtek – she’s been trying to log in to the website and keeps getting ERROR: Invalid login credentials. (also – when she asks for the reset email – she gets nothing and she’s tried the contact form and is not getting anything either). Thanks!

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    Thomas john


    Is there anybody going to this dig from NEAR manchester?
    If so I am willing to share fuel costs. I can meet within an hour of Manchester on my motorbike but can’t make it down on the bike for the day. Thanks in advance to anybody who may be able to help.

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    Thomas john


    please add my dad as my guest please Bryan Walker. He’s a paid up member also, we are both coming down this sunday. see you all soon. thanks

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