Moreton in Marsh, 100 acres pasture, 14th May.

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Afternoon folks! If you are digging at Moreton tomorrow, the location is Stow Rd, Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0DS. As you pass the hospital on your right, we are the first track on the left, the same as last time for those of you who attended then. Follow the track past the barn on your right and take new track to left. Over railway line and you can’t miss us!


OK folks, this is the one that generated some debate last week when I said that the fields used to be part of the run off when Moreton flooded. This could be a good thing, or it could be a bad thing, but unless we try it we will never know. Totally undetected, it is surrounded by fields that have produced Roman and medieval, out last visit threw up some nice stuff only a few weeks ago. There’s no saying all of the land we have ever got waterlogged and of course, we don’t know what may have been washed in 😉

As with all the land we are working to get, it’s all about exploring new pastures.

If you would like to go, please register below the pics of some of the previous Moreton in Marsh finds.

For those of you who attended the last one, we will be using the same entrance. For those who weren’t, the location will be here on the website and also on Facebook Saturday evening.

Detecting will commence at 08:30 after the usual briefing and terminate about five pm.

Moreton in Marsh


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      Hi Piotr, I don’t quite understand the question, the word ‘lying’ isn’t translating right.

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        I have free digging with my son and I could like to use it on digging on 14th of may

        • Profile photo of Chris



          Ah, that’s fine Piotr, come and see me on arrival! Is it a free dig pass you have or from another event?

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    Sorry I have had to unregister from the dig. Something has come up.

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    carol silk


    I Have just registered my husband Colin Silk to come on dig at Moreton in the Marsh on Sunday. His friend Derek Povey would also like to attend but has been having trouble registering so asked if i could include him, he is a member of leisure Promotions

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    Can you put a plus 1 down for me please paul or Chris thanks

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