Slimbridge Rally Gloucestershire Sunday 22nd October

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***** After a visit to see the fields and a chat with the farmer we have secured extra land for this permission bringing the total to 125 acres of pasture and stubble so registration is now reopened *****


Slimbridge – St Johns Road GL2 7DB – We are meeting opposite the Slimbridge Royal British Legion Club you will see a gate opposite it into the field, the toilet is just in the gate on the right hand side.


Here it is guys and gals as promised the long awaited return to Slimbridge with 95 acres of new land which is cultivated maize stubble, permanent pasture and temporary pasture. For those of you who attended last time you will be aware that there were 26 Roman brooches found along with Medieval hammered and Roman coins.


Please get your names down quickly for this one to avoid disappointment as we are expecting it to fill up fast.


Here’s a video from our last event at Slimbridge


“One of the main features of Roman roads is that they are usually remarkably straight. There is a theory that this may be because the Romans used dowsing to plot the route in the first place. If you stand in Bath and ask your dowsing rods the whereabouts of Salisbury, you will get a one-direction straight answer.

Originally built 8 or 9 metres across, these roads gave marching Roman legions clear passage, and allowed carts and wagons room to pass with ease.

The manpower must have been impressive. They would first remove the topsoil, dig one or two ditches either side for drainage, protected by kerb stones, then build up layers of hardcore, shale and sand. Creating a good camber called an ‘agger’ to aid drainage, it was then covered with flat, dressed stones called pavers (hence pavement).

Below image shows sites of six Roman roads in Slimbridge itself, including Moorend Lane and Longaston Lane, and one crossing the River Cam. The A38 was a Roman road too, although the Romans probably didn’t call it that, and originally went from Gloucester to Bath.

Roman roads around Slimbridge

slimbridge map with no locations

The River Cam at Cambridge, where three roads join the A38, was an important junction in those days. Today the river goes under the road, but in Roman times there was a bridge (hence Cambridge). It would have been a lot deeper and easily navigable, and there would have been a wharf too. Note Wharf Farm nearby.
By dowsing in the Cemetery field behind the village hall car park, Peter found indications of Roman occupation, including a well, stables, a fuel store, and a food store with no doorway but steps going up the outside, which would have deterred rats. There was also a large building with a furnace, possibly used as a bath house. All this was mostly built in the early Roman period, i.e. first and second centuries.

Archaeologists investigating the Forge orchard beside the village hall also produced finds dating from the same period, some of them imported continental items. Peter has also found indications of three Roman villas in the Parish”.


Please note: We expect all finds to be shown for photographing, all items considered treasure for the finder to provide identification and a contact number. Whilst it is not our responsibility to report items of treasure found on our digs, we will advise the finder to do so and expect confirmation it has been done. And find of this nature not reported will entail the finders details being passed to the relevant authority.


The dig will will commence at 09:00 after a 10 minute briefing. The postcode will be published on here and on Facebook the evening prior to the dig. Please be aware that we expect all holes to be back filled on all land types and anyone caught failing to follow this rule will be asked to leave the event immediately and will not be welcome on any further Lets Go Digging events.

There will be tea and coffee available to purchase, a raffle to take part in (£2.50 per ticket) There will also be a toilet on site.

Parking will be on a horse show field which we have got permission to also detect if you wish too.


Slimbridge Rally Sunday 22nd October


Registration opens at 26-09-2017 18:48

Registration closes at 21-10-2017 18:00

Max Participants: 150

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Registration is currently closed.


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    Hi could I register a guest in name of D Langley as well please , thanks

  2. Profile photo of Lee Ardern

    Lee Ardern


    Booked a place, do I pay upfront and might have a possible guest? Is there a hotel everyone uses?

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Lee, thats fine just let me know if you need a space for a guest. There isnt a specific hotel that i am aware of as most people usually just arrive on the morning. Thanks Joe

  3. Profile photo of Toby



    Could I get a plus 1 on the day please? Hannah will be with me , I’m Leelizards possible plus one but thought it easier to register

  4. Profile photo of Dave Baker

    Dave Baker


    Can you add Kelvin as there is number 55 on list with no name on it, he will be coming with me.

  5. Profile photo of TERRY



    Chris please add my self and Howie to your reserve list thanks Terry

  6. Profile photo of TERRY



    Chris please add my self and Howard Johns to your list we are both paid up members thanks Terry James

  7. Profile photo of leslie James bentley

    leslie James bentley


    Hi, just want to know if there is a parking already for camper vans, I know there is a camp site near the river, slim bridge touring park, it’s open all year round. Do,nt know if you have allocated a field or would it be too boggy thanks less

  8. Profile photo of MarkH



    Hi, if you have a reserve list in operation for this dig can you please add MarkH and Cliffy to it please. We are both fully paid up members.
    Many thanks.

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      HI Mark, i can see you are registered on this event, number 79, Cliffy is now also registered, number 90. Thanks

  9. Profile photo of Cliff



    If any spaces come up please book me in for slimbridge rally, many thanks.

  10. Profile photo of TERRY



    Its a shame that non members can book in before members and there`s still Three weeks to go please put myself and howard johns on the reserve list

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Terry, i have commented on one of your above comments, you have both got a place on the event, numbers 88 + 89. Thanks

  11. Profile photo of Nigel



    Hi cjris any cjance of me and mathew geting on the subs bench both paid up memembers see you on next weeks camper

  12. Profile photo of chris



    If one more space comes available can you put me in,
    Thanks Chris

  13. Profile photo of Rich



    Hi if you get any spare places could you add me and skutty1970 to the list please , Thankyou

  14. Profile photo of badger



    Slimbridge 22nd October

    Can I put name down on the reserve list with me and Richard AKA shaggy67

    Mike Butler

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Mike no problem, i am just waitng for confirmation from the farmer about parking etc and if all is good i can open up the list to a few more people so fingers crossed. I will update on here as soon as i know. Thanks

  15. Profile photo of CarolB



    Please may I join the other members on a reserve list, don’t know if there is such a thing? But following other members example in asking, just in hope.

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      I have secured an additional 20 places for the event due to parking, once i am home from this weekends event in Culham i will get back to everyone who asked to be put on the reserve list an see if i can get you all added. Thanks

  16. Profile photo of Paul



    Hi I thought I had put my name down but I can’t see it can you please advise me I also have 2 friends who would like to go . Cheers

  17. Profile photo of Grant



    Hi Jo

    Could you please add Grant and Palo to the reserve list. We attended at Culham and would like to come to this one too. Thanks

  18. Profile photo of Matt Guy

    Matt Guy


    Hi Paul And Joanne is there any chance at all you could squeeze myself and Christine in for this dig please? Christine is registered on site As Christine.turner70
    If you can’t dont worry. We will be out again soon.

    Kind regards
    Matt and Christine.

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    If there is any chance please add to reserve list one more to come with me. His name Richard

  20. Profile photo of Huskyboyo



    Would appreciate a reply to my earlier comment several days ago about adding a guest to my booking please. Trying to organise things and the lack of response isn’t helping. What’s going on please? Can I have a plus one or not? Thanks

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi, i have been working my way through all of the comments from all of the people asking to attend or take guests, i am working by first come first serve basis. Not sure if you are aware but as Chris Bailey has now taken 6 months off due to his health i am now trying to work the website and memberships by myself, i also have a family to take care of so i do not have time to be on here 24/7. I will see if i can get you a space as soon as i get a response from all the other people i am waiting to hear back from that have been offered a place. Please bear in mind there are over 6000 users and only 1 of me. Thanks

      • Profile photo of Huskyboyo



        Thanks Joanne. Yes was aware and well done. Sorry was just trying to get organised and my plus 1 was itchy and had registered for the £6 rally nearby.. Thanks for adding my guest. Cu on the Sunday. Looking forward to it

  21. Profile photo of Roger Hemming

    Roger Hemming


    Will registration be re-opening given that limit has not been reached yet. I’m desperate to go on this dig!

  22. Profile photo of Wayne



    Hi, if any spaces become available could you please advise.
    Many thanks.

    User name: Colley

  23. Profile photo of Mike Evans

    Mike Evans


    Hi, can’t make this dig, please de register me (can’t seem to do it myself?) woody1959. Thanks

  24. Profile photo of Paul Sumner

    Paul Sumner


    Hi Jo
    Could you please add me to the waiting list for Slimbridge on the 22 October.

    Keep up the good work.

    See you at Arly tomorrow.

  25. Profile photo of Zinc



    Hello would like to be added to the waiting list for Slimbridge if possible thanks

  26. Profile photo of Martin



    Hi,would it be possible to go on the waiting list for Slimbridge please,many thanks

  27. Profile photo of Zinc



    I no longer wish to be considered for the waiting list for Slimbridge.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  28. Profile photo of Rich



    I have a wedding the day before so can’t make it now sorry

  29. Profile photo of Huskyboyo



    Hi Joanne – I see some people are having to drop out – would it be possible to have another +1 for me please. No extra pressure on parking as would be in my car. If you could let me know asap please. many thanks

  30. Profile photo of AARON LEWIS



    Hi Jo,

    Please remove me from the register for Slimbridge.
    Can’t make it due to health reasons.

    Username Lewisaza


  31. Profile photo of Mike Shilton

    Mike Shilton


    Hi Joanne, I’m not sure if you got my email ref Sunday, that I sent from the website, unfortunately I’m not going to be able to go on Sunday (health issues), can you un-register me please?, Thanks, Mike.

  32. Profile photo of Matt



    Hi Jo, just would like to add +1 guest with me who would like to come, they do not have a detector, thanks

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Yes theres still a couple of spaces left if you want to register, registration closes at 6pm. Thanks

  33. Profile photo of Maureen Gaj

    Maureen Gaj


    Hi Joyce,

    Due to unforeseen circumstances Andy and myself are unable to make tomorrow so sorry to tell you so late

    Thank you


  34. Profile photo of Marie



    Sorry not going to .make tomorrow please van you also remove my plus one a dlangley

  35. Profile photo of Andrew



    Really sorry but have woken up with a bad migraine and will be unable to get there today. Arccc.

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Andrew, thank you for letting me know, i have removed your name from the no show list. Thanks

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