2 Day Event, (camping allowed) at Bushton, near Royal Wootton Bassett. 19th/20th May

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Postcode for this event is SN4 7PU. As you approach Bushton, we are on the road that passes Bishops Farm. If you pass this on your right, our entrance is also on the right about 200 yards further on. You can see the little white line on the map turning into the field rack.  If you pass it on the left, you’ve driven past us 🤠 Signs will be out.




UPDATE: We now have a selection of land available for these two days, seeded wheat fields and cut silage. All new fields. The farmer is happy for anyone to stop over so whilst not a camping weekend as such, you can make it one in terms of accommodation 🤠

Our actual detecting area is Bushton.

It is thought that there has been human activity in the parish for thousands of years. Between Clyffe Pypard village and the small settlement of Bupton there are a group of possible barrows in an area covering three hectares. These barrows have not been excavated. There have been Neolithic finds in the area including flint working tools and arrowheads. In the 1880s, a skeleton was found in the field, above Clyffe Pypard village, owned by Nelson Goddard. ‘Two or three huge Sarsen stones forming most efficient protection to the body they covered. ‘This was the description given in The Wiltshire Magazine at that time. It is possible that there may have been Roman occupation at some time but only on a small scale. Perhaps a small farmstead or villa stood in the Bupton area as this is where a Roman earthenware ring and a Greek bronze coin of Antinous were found.

Archaeological finds, such as arrowheads, coins, jewellery, and skeletons, are evidence of a period of early settlement, extending from Neolithic to Pagan-Saxon times. At the foot of the escarpment, at Woodhill and Bupton, numerous mounds and earthworks are possibly of medieval date. The ancient parish was made up of five tithings, each with its own centre of settlement. These were: Clyffe Pypard, Broad Town, Bushton, Thornhill, and Woodhill, which included Bupton. All, except Woodhill and Bupton, were still settlements in 1968.

The most noticeable human activity in the parish occurred during medieval times. Not only were there estates in Clyffe Pypard and Bushton during this period, but also Woodhill and Bupton were villages in their own right. Thornhill is also well documented during the medieval period. Substantial earthworks are still very visible in the areas of the two abandoned villages at Bupton and Woodhill including earthworks of fishponds and house platforms.






Wodeton settlement
AD 681 is usually taken as the starting point for recorded history of Wootton Bassett, then known as Wodeton, it being referred to in that year in a Malmesbury Abbey charter granting land to the Abbot.

Archaeological discoveries in the area tend to confirm the tradition that the original “Wodeton” (Settlement in the wood – i.e. in Bradon Forest) was near the present Dunnington Road[citation needed]. Allegedly under continuous occupation throughout Celtic and Romano-British periods, the land was granted in 681 AD to Malmesbury Abbey. Further grants of land nearby appear in the records from time to time, but of Wodeton itself we hear no more until it was sacked by the marauding Danes in 1015, whereupon the survivors decided to move uphill to the site of the present High Street.

Domesday Book
Wootton Bassett is mentioned in the Domesday Book[4] where it was noted that Miles Crispin held the rights and these included “land for 12 ploughs…a mill…and 24 acres (9.7 ha) of meadow…33 acres of pasture and woodland which is two leagues by a league”. It was said to be worth nine pounds.v

If you would like to attend this event, please click on the register tab below. Please ensure this is validated. It will state clearly that you are registered for the event. The list of other attendees is now no longer visible, we have a new website under construction and this os a temporary measure.


Digs start at 09:00 and finish at 16:30.

Location details will be added to the event description the night before the dig.


Royal Wooton Bassett Saturday Registration


Please register on this form if you wish to attend on Saturday. There is a separate form for Sunday.

Registration opens at 03-05-2018 21:27

Registration closes at 18-05-2018 21:27

Max Participants: 140

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Royal Wooton Bassett Sunday Registration


Please register below if you would like to attend the Sunday event. You may attend both. Register on both if this is the case.

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Registration closes at 19-05-2018 21:29

Max Participants: 140

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      Yes Cliff, wife and dog to be on lead at all times 😂😂😂😂🤠

  1. Profile photo of Stella512



    Sorry if this a is a silly question, but will there still be food and loos on this dig?

  2. Profile photo of Ian



    Tried paying membership fee but unable. Can I pay this on the day?

  3. Profile photo of Cliff



    Hi Chris, can you tell me if the fields have ever been ploughed

    • Profile photo of Chris



      All the land at times has been arable Cliff and we niw have seeded barley fields.

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    Can I book for DenisDenis as well please. Or do you prefer it if he logs himself in and books. Thanks

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    Frank Blair


    I signed up for Saturday and will be there, regardless.

    But, if anybody is going from Bristol that I could cajole for a ride, I’d appreciate it and happily chip in for fuel/etc and buy them a pint at the end of the day in appreciation.

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    Ray Braithwaite


    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to let you know I am attending the Sunday dig but will not be arriving till about 10 as I am coming from the Isle of Wight and am dependant upon the ferry. Will catch up with everyone.
    All the best,

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      No need to register her mate, no charges for non detecting and campi g over is free too on this one.

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    Just tried to pay for full membership. No page found!! Can I pay on the day??? Also this will be my first time detecting, and first time using my equinox 800.. And I rent my house of a farmer in chippenham whose farm is just off the pewsham bypass on high ground leading down to the river Avon close to Lacock I’m sure we might have a chance of shooting his land if suitable.

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      Hi Andy, membership is suspended now until renewal July 1st. Wouldnt be fair tontake your cash with only a few weeks to go. You can still attend events, pay on arrival, just register as a non member on any event you wish to attend. Regards a land opportunity, send me a private message on Facebook and maybe we can sort something.

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    Jarrad Davies


    I’m registered for today’s dig but unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make it but can’t unregister, apologies.

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