Anglesey Camping Weekend – 28th – 29th April 2018 – 200 Acres Of Pasture

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PLEASE NOTE: The farmer has agreed to allow you to bring your dogs but they MUST be on leads, remain  in the camping area and not taken on any of the other fields. It is imperative that all mess is removed due to the risk to sheep and cattle. If you cannot adhere to these conditions, you will be unable to attend this event. We can only apologise for the strict conditions but we always have to respect the wishes of the farmer. 



MEMBERS & NON MEMBERS WELCOME This event will be held on 100 acres of new undetected pasture per day. Campers are welcome to arrive on Friday 27th April from midday and you will need to leave before midday on Monday 30th April.

This is event is open for the whole family to attend. Tents, camper vans and caravans are welcome. There will be catering and Toilets on this event. Barbecues are allowed and purpose built raised fire pits. No turf to be lifted for fires.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to demand, until the new membership comes into play, non members of LGD will be offered a temporary weekend membership pass costing £10. This will be payable on arrival at any weekend event up until the end of June. 

Under 16’s are FREE to camp and detect, Non detecting partners are charged £5 to camp for the weekend. Camping 1 or 2 nights with detecting is £50 per detectorist. Day visitors are welcome to attend on Saturday & Sunday.

This event is a great opportunity to spend the weekend on Anglesey and take in the sights with the family. We will dedicate a section of land for family’s only camping for those wanting a quieter area for the weekend. This will be the 1st of LGD’S camping weekenders with one big camping event every month, and for some months we are looking to host two weekenders from now until October.

“Anglesey” is derived from Old Norse, originally either Ǫngullsey “Hook Island” or Ǫnglisey “Ǫngli’s Island”. No record of such an Ǫngli survives, but the place name was used in the Viking raiders as early as the 10th century and was later adopted by the Normans during their invasions of Gwynedd. The traditional folk etymology reading the name as the “Island of the Angles(English)” may account for its Norman use but has no merit, although the Angles’ name itself is probably a cognate reference to the shape of the Angeln peninsula. All of these ultimately derive from the proposed Proto-Indo-European root *ank- (“to flex, bend, angle”). Through the 18th and 19th centuries and into the 20th, it was usually spelt Anglesea in documents.

Ynys Môn, the island’s Welsh name, was first recorded as Latin Mona by various Roman sources. It was likewise known to the Saxons as Monez. The Brittonic original was in the past taken to have meant “Island of the Cow”. This view is untenable, however, according to modern scientific philology, and the etymology remains a mystery.

Poetic names for Anglesey include the Old Welsh Ynys Dywyll (“Shady” or “Dark Isle”) for its former groves and Ynys y Cedairn (“Isle of the Brave”) for its royal courts; Gerald of Wales’ Môn Mam Cymru (“Môn, Mother of Wales”) for its productivity; and Y fêl Ynys (“Honey Isle”).


John Speed’s map of Anglesey, 1607

Numerous megalithic monuments and menhirs are present on Anglesey, testifying to the presence of humans in prehistory. Plas Newydd is near one of 28 cromlechs that remain on uplands overlooking the sea. The Welsh Triads claim that Anglesey was once part of the mainland.

Plas Newydd

Historically, Anglesey has long been associated with the druids. In AD 60 the Roman general Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, determined to break the power of the druids, attacked the island using his amphibious Batavian contingent as a surprise vanguard assault and then destroying the shrine and the nemetons (sacred groves). News of Boudica’s revolt reached him just after his victory, causing him to withdraw his army before consolidating his conquest. The island was finally brought into the Roman Empire by Gnaeus Julius Agricola, the Roman governor of Britain, in AD 78. During the Roman occupation, the area was notable for the mining of copper. The foundations of Caer Gybi as well as a fort at Holyhead are Roman, and the present road from Holyhead to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll was originally a Roman road. The island was grouped by Ptolemy with Ireland (“Hibernia”) rather than with Britain (“Albion”).

British Iron Age and Roman sites have been excavated and coins and ornaments discovered, especially by the 19th century antiquarian, William Owen Stanley. Following the Roman departure from Britain in the early 5th century, pirates from Ireland colonised Anglesey and the nearby Llŷn Peninsula. In response to this, Cunedda ap Edern, a Gododdin warlord from Scotland, came to the area and began to drive the Irish out. This was continued by his son Einion Yrth ap Cunedda and grandson Cadwallon Lawhir ap Einion; the last Irish invaders were finally defeated in battle in 470. As an island, Anglesey was in a good defensive position, and so Aberffraw became the site of the court, or Llys, of the Kingdom of Gwynedd. Apart from a devastating Danish raid in 853 it remained the capital until the 13th century, when improvements to the English navy made the location indefensible. Anglesey was also briefly the most southern possession of the Norwegian Empire.

After the Irish, the island was invaded by Vikings — some of these raids were noted in famous sagas (see Menai Strait History) — and by Saxons, and Normans, before falling to Edward I of England in the 13th century.


Please note: We expect all finds to be shown for photographing, all items considered treasure for the finder to provide identification and a contact number. Whilst it is not our responsibility to report items of treasure found on our digs, we will advise the finder to do so and expect confirmation it has been done. And finds of this nature not reported will result in the finders details being passed to the relevant authority.

If you can no longer attend after registering for the event please UN REGISTER, failure to do so can result in you being blocked from all future LGD events.

£50 per person camping and detecting

£5 per non detecting guest

FREE camping and detecting for under 16’s 

Anglesey Camping


£50 per person

Registration opens at 12-02-2018 19:40

Registration closes at 25-04-2018 18:00

Registration is currently closed.

Anglesey Saturday Only


Registration opens at 12-02-2018 19:41

Registration closes at 25-04-2018 18:00

Registration is currently closed.

Anglesey Sunday Only


Registration opens at 12-02-2018 19:41

Registration closes at 25-04-2018 18:00

Registration is currently closed.


  1. Profile photo of Thomas john

    Thomas john


    Hi Jo, is there any chance you know where abouts in Anglesey this is being held? thanks, Tom the manc.

  2. Profile photo of Mick62



    Hi Jo.
    I want to book the Sunday. My wife has never done metal detecting before so she is not a member, if I pay £20 on the day for her will she be able to detect? Thanks Mick

  3. Profile photo of Helvezi



    Ciao a tutti ….sono Chri dal Canton Ticino (CH) e sono sicuro che divveremo grandi amici di ricerca.
    Non vedo l’ora d’accendere il Deus in Galles.

  4. Profile photo of Stephen Giles

    Stephen Giles


    Hi Jo
    My wife and I thought we might make a trip to Anglesey a bit of a holiday but we are not campers. Are you able to give me the names of the nearest towns and or villages to the site? If so we will look to book some accommodation Thanks in advance.

  5. Profile photo of Mike Harrington

    Mike Harrington


    Same here Joanne, I’d like to book some accommodation near the dig, getting too old for camping, cheers

  6. Profile photo of Catherine Walker

    Catherine Walker


    No camping but digging Saturday and Sunday please. My Dad is very ill so I may have to pull out but fingers crossed. I would let you know if I can’t come. Hope that’s ok. Cheers.

  7. Profile photo of adams morrell

    adams morrell


    Hello there yes please arrive saturday morning camp then leave sunday teatime is it pay on arrival cant find paypal link best wishes

  8. Profile photo of Lee Todd

    Lee Todd


    Hi, just to let you know I’ve registered for the weekend with camping, it will be me plus 2 , these are my son Glyn and a mate of mine Steve Moodie, cheers toddyofdarlo.

  9. Profile photo of Lucka



    Hi, how much it is if I am not member of LGD and I want to attend only on Saturday? plus 1 non detecting person. thanks

  10. Profile photo of Mike Evans

    Mike Evans


    Hi Joanne, could you message me with nearest town, might decide to stay b&b… cheers, mike

  11. Profile photo of Jo



    Hi, is there an option to join you just for the day and detect as a non-member and if so what is the cost please?

  12. Profile photo of Mike Harrington

    Mike Harrington


    Chris there are about 3 Llanwern, and none are in Anglesey, I don’t want to book something and it’s 30 miles away. Just a clue will do North, south. east or west of Anglesey please.

    • Profile photo of Chris



      Exact details will be added to the web event details a few days prior to the date.

  13. Profile photo of Brian Beesley

    Brian Beesley


    Hi, I would like to attend this event but have a caravan on anglesey so no need for us to camp but can you tell me the cost to attend both days and the nearest town to this dig so I can plan the trip, thanks

  14. Profile photo of Mike Harrington

    Mike Harrington


    Hi Chris, I have registered for both days, but am having trouble booking accommodation as I can’t find any area on Anglesey called Llanwern. Is the dig on the island or on the mainland. As i mentioned in my earlier post, any clue will do, do I book something North of the island or South, need to know as it’s getting close now

  15. Profile photo of Emma Dickinson

    Emma Dickinson


    Would love to attend this dig but I don’t drive😕is anybody going from Devizes area that could give me a lift…will help towards fuel obvs

  16. Profile photo of Will ryan

    Will ryan


    Hopefully still spaces have registered I’m going to be coming as a passenger thanks will

  17. Profile photo of Graham Hadlington

    Graham Hadlington


    Morning chris /admin ref Anthony bates cant book on for anglesea just to let you know he will be with me as my passenger, hope this is ok ,just incase he cant still log on .thanks

  18. Profile photo of Paul



    I will be there both days with David Hughes but not camping

  19. Profile photo of M Power

    M Power


    Hi Iv registered for the Saturday, I will be coming with my husband.
    Can you give me a location to book accommodation please.
    King regards Michelle

  20. Profile photo of Matt Ainsworth

    Matt Ainsworth


    Hi Chris/admins, are we permitted to know what the maximum number of allowable detectorists will be per day? … and what the current subsciption level is ? Kind rgds.

    • Profile photo of Chris



      100 camping and 50 day visitors Matt. We still have spaces for both.

  21. Profile photo of Grahamjt



    will there be a detecting field for Friday arrivals as there is for the bedstone weekend please .

  22. Profile photo of Ian Bailey

    Ian Bailey


    I’m attending the Sunday only – what time does the dig start, traveling down from Lancaster


  23. Profile photo of Fatyed



    Is the start time 9am on Saturday to Chris. As I’m travelling from Wigan.

  24. Profile photo of Nick



    Registered for the sunday, this will be my first lgd event, was going to have my girlfriend with me but am a bit mystified as to why a none detecting partner (without a detector!) has to pay the same as me (as walk in day only, none camping)

    • Profile photo of Nick



      ok im a bit confused, up above it has £5 for none detecting guests, but a question was asked above about none detecting guests and it was answered £20 each, detecorist and guest.

  25. Profile photo of Alex Thomson

    Alex Thomson


    Gday LGD, I’m registered and will be camping. Arriving by rail and will be on foot. A few logistics questions: how far from nearest rail station? Is the nearest rail station Valley? What is the exact address so I can plan my movements (buses?), and finally, what catering is on site – do I need to bring my food and water for the entire period when I arrive or is there a shop within walking distance? Thanks, Alex

    • Profile photo of Chris



      The postcode is LL65 3YN Alex, that takes you dorect to the farm, we are a 100 yards furhter on. We have full catering available from Friday evening, so breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks etc all available. Water is on site too.

  26. Profile photo of Paul Byrne

    Paul Byrne


    Myself and my partner Lynn for one day detecting Saturday please.We both have NCMD and can we pay on the gate please. Myself(member), Lynn(guest). Many thanks for your help Paul and Chris.

  27. Profile photo of MattGee



    apologies but had to de-register for the event.

    Good Luck All

  28. Profile photo of paul greenwood

    paul greenwood


    Try ed to take my name of this weekend but can’t unfortunately I can’t make it work is being a pain with me so sorry

  29. Profile photo of Matt Ainsworth

    Matt Ainsworth


    Dear Admins, I need to cancel my sunday space owing to bad back. I see registration has closed, could you please free up the space for somebody else? Thanks.

  30. Profile photo of Mike Ostrowski

    Mike Ostrowski


    Sorry we’ll have to pull out of the dig. Trish tripped on the garden step late yesterday and twisted her ankle, this morning it’s come up like a balloon and is very sore. If there’s any improvement over the next couple of days we might try to make at least one of the days. Good luck everyone.
    Ps. Not able to de resgister as it’s closed.

  31. Profile photo of Mike Evans

    Mike Evans


    unable to do the weekend…only sunday I’m afraid…cant de register as closed. woody1959

  32. Profile photo of Doug



    Sorry Paul. Can no longer attend this Angelsey weekend rally. Sorry

  33. Profile photo of Alan M

    Alan M


    Unable to attend on Saturday but unable to deregister , Good luck to all at the dig!

  34. Profile photo of Suzanne



    sorry I am unable to attend the Angelsey dig. Could you take my name off the register please.

  35. Profile photo of Lisa Clifton

    Lisa Clifton


    We got there a bit late this morning and didn’t see anywhere to check in. Now one of my kids is coming down with something including a fever so I don’t think we will be making it for tomorrow the Sunday. Please let me know how I can pay the Member fee via PayPal or something. My apologies as it was our first LGD event.

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