Ansley Rally Nuneaton Return Sunday 24th September

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DIG UPDATE – NUNEAT0N – CANCELLED – It is with regret this event is been cancelled for this Sunday simply because nowhere near enough LGD members to hold it . Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause . Their is no point in wasting a permission or future permissions with such low numbers folks we will have to reschedule all events which dont get a minimum of 40 as we cant pay the farmers what we agree to . We may be cancelling a few because of this and please be reminded that our cancellation process can be up to 24 hrs before the events due to weather or low numbers so please be aware if booking accommodation for all LGD events . We can not be held responsible due to last minute changes for the above reasons . Once again our apologies to those who was attending . LGD ADMIN

This permission is on the same farm as Furnace End Market and car boot but not on our fields as those who came before will already know. OUR FIELDS HAVE NEVER HAD THE MARKET OR CAR BOOT ON.

 When we arranged the event we didnt realise the market had started but we won’t let that stop us, in fact we will make the most of it as the market is quite big with free entry to us if you want to bring the wives/husbands while you detect, full use of toilets an there’s 14 catering vans etc and free parking in our sectioned off spot.

 This is the perfect dig, you detect and let the wife/husband and kids stroll around the market.


This is the 2nd visit to this permission, you will have 75 acres of arable land as seen in the picture.


On the previous visit there was a gold ring, hammered coins and other artifacts that were found. This is one of several popular sites that we have visited owned by this farmer, we will be planning several future return visits to the good sites that were very productive.


Ansley is a village and civil parish in the North Warwickshire district of Warwickshire, England. The parish includes Ansley Common, Ansley Village, Church End, Ansley Hall, Birchley Heath, and formerly Ansley Hall Colliery. The village is just to the west of Nuneaton, and near Arley and Astley.


Ansley Parish Church – St. Laurence – is Norman in origin and lies outside the main village at Church End. It is a Grade II* listed building. A relatively recent addition was stained glass by Karl Parsons.


Ansley Hall dates from the early eighteenth century. It was taken over by the Ansley Hall Coal and Iron Company, founded by William Garside Phillips, the great grandfather of Captain Mark Phillips, the first husband of Princess Anne the Princess Royal. The village was called Hanslei in the Domesday Book of 1086 and gives the details that the land was owned by Lady Godiva.


Thank you and look forward to seeing you there


This event will start slightly later than normal as the cold mornings are setting in so there is a plan to start digging from 9am – 5pm so please arrive between 7.45am and 8.45am ready for the briefing. Please note that there will be NO catering at this event so bring your own food and refreshments.


LGD IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL DETECTORISTS. – Over the last few months we have been getting around 20 to 30 NO SHOWS at each event from people who have registered to attend then do not arrive. This gives massive false numbers for the farmers and LGD . We are now going to take this very seriously and anybody who DOES NOT turn up on the day after registering on the event without previously letting Paul Howard or Chris Bailey know will be removed from LGD .

We will be printing off the registration list and checking you off the list on arrival. YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO GIVE YOUR WEBSITE USERNAME YOU USED TO REGISTER ON THE EVENT. Those who don’t show or let us know in advance will be removed without warning. Also anybody staying over the night before some day events areexpected to pay as you arrive NOT on the morning of the event. We do not want to take cash in advance online for events so this is the only option and is now what is expected by all attending LGD events. LGD ADMIN





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    Just signed up to the forum. Planning to do the Nuneaton dig. Is NCMD insurance needed ?

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      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Seaglass, yes we ask that all detectorists have their own NCMD insurance but if it is your first rally with us we can cover you on our insurance for the day. Thanks Joe

  2. Profile photo of Seaglass



    Thanks Joe, yes, first rally so will take you up on your kind offer and sort my own insurance for the next one :-)

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    Just paid membership fee and looking forward to getting out with you guys+gals.
    Do you email confirmation of membership or do I just show PayPal receipt at the dig ?
    Thanks :-)

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      Joanne Boyce


      Hi just show the paypal receipt, if it helps i can have your membership card taken to the event for you to collect. Thanks Joe

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