Arley Nuneaton Saturday 4th November

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Arley 4th november


CV7 8HA parking will be on the grass verge, look out for admin and the LGD flag. As there is so much land and not very many of you attending we will be moving from field to field together to try and ensure we cover as much of it as possible Thanks


Saturday 4th November we have a return visit to Arley in Nuneaton. We have 120 acres of recently cultivated and rolled land about to be seeded with wheat, it has been deep ploughed for the first time in 30 years since our last visit. We have previously visited this farm on two occasions and found some really nice Hammered Coins, a Roman Silver Denari and lots of other artifacts. We had a very limited number of people compared to the vast amount of land on offer so this was no where near covered properly so were sure there is still plenty of fantastic items to be found.

We have found gold twice on this permission along with Roman and Hammered coins and lots of nice artifacts.

There was a gold Posy ring found which is currently in the process of going through the FLO and a gold half Guinea.


arley 4th november 2


Some pictures from the last 2 visits


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Please note: We expect all finds to be shown for photographing, all items considered treasure for the finder to provide identification and a contact number. Whilst it is not our responsibility to report items of treasure found on our digs, we will advise the finder to do so and expect confirmation it has been done. And finds of this nature not reported will result in the finders details being passed to the relevant authority.

The event will start at 9am after a short briefing so please arrive between 8am and 8.45am. Digging finishes at 4.30pm. Parking will be on the edge of the field if it is dry, if it isnt dry enough parking will be on the grass verge on the road.

There will be no catering at this event so please bring food and refreshments with you.

If you can no longer attend after registering for the event please UN REGISTER, failure to do so can result in you being blocked from all future LGD events.

Non paid members £20
Paid members with a membership card £15
Under 16s free (no need to register)


Arley Nuneaton Saturday 4th November



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  1. Profile photo of J Boyce

    J Boyce


    Hi Jo what sort of numbers are you going to need for this dig to go ahead, shame if you have to cancel.

  2. Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

    Joanne Boyce


    To make it worth he farmers time we ideally need atleast 40 but as this is such a great location I’m sure the numbers will go up

  3. Profile photo of Mark



    Looking forward to joining you all on my first dig in a group :)

  4. Profile photo of Nathan



    Hi Joanne this will be my first time with your club is it OK to bring a guest with me kind regards nathan

  5. Profile photo of STEPHEN FRENCH



    Due to injury ,i have one hand ,is it ok if my partner attends to help dig ?? (will be bringing just one detector ) thanks Steve

    (would i need to pay for one or two )

  6. Profile photo of john r

    john r


    hi there
    i have just registered for this event as a full member, would it be possible to bring a friend who isnt a member but would like to join at the event?

    many thanks

  7. Profile photo of Simon



    Sorry, due to unforeseen family commitments I can’t make it this morning.

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