Bethersden, Ashford Kent – Sunday 11th February – 180 acres

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This event will be held on Sunday 11th February on 180 acres of pasture.


The postcode for this dig is TN26 3HF This should take you to Langley farm as i have shown on the map. You need to drive past the postcode Langley farm a few hundred yards towards Ashford and take the turning i have shown you on this map by the house to NEW Langley farm. Look out for the LGD flag at the end of the drive by the house . Carry on straight past the house up the track where we will park you all. Please arrive anytime after 7 am and make sure you are ready to detect and at the briefing ready at 9am please .

Their is a toilet on site and catering .

Please try and print the field map off or snapshot it on your phones as you will all need it.

Please can you all have the correct fees ready for Joanne and your membership cards to hand unless you are waiting for membership off Joanne in which case she should have them with her for you to collect . You will be charged £20 if you do not have your membership cards and refunded the £5 by Joanne when you collect your card . This can be collected after 9am and before 11am .

Drive safe see you in the morning.

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Please print this field map or save it to your phones if you can to use tomorrow.

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Parking is limited due to the weather so please only register 1 person per car, comment under registration with usernames of people that will be travelling with you, there is now also a 4×4 only registration form.


There will also be catering at this event thanks to Nigel @ Foodie Doodies.


Bethersden is a village and civil parish five miles (8 km) west of Ashford, Kent.

The village has two public houses – The Bull and The George. It has a beautiful church (St Margaret’s), built in the early 15th century, and a Baptist church (Union Chapel).

Bethersden was formerly well known for producing Bethersden Marble and was a centre of the Kentish wool trade. Lovelace Place in Bethersden was the birthplace of 17th-century poet Richard Lovelace.

Several successful businesses have operated from the village: Stevenson Brothers, who produce high-quality handmade rocking horses; W & D Cole, who make iron gates and railings; and the former Colt Houses, who sold prefabricated timber homes.

The Bethersden Parish Records Society holds the original parish register, maps, books, photographs and other records relating to the village.


Ashford’s importance as an agricultural and market town grew in the 13th century, and in 1243, King Henry III granted the town a charter to hold a market for livestock. The pottery industry expanded in the 13th and 14th centuries, with the main works based at what is now Potter’s Corner, a few miles west of the town center. Later evidence from examining waste suggests that production was on a large scale. The Kent Archaeological society have discovered sandy ware at this location dating from around 1125 – 1250.

Jack Cade, who led the Cade’s Rebellion against corrupt Royal officials in 1450, is believed to be from Ashford. In William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, Cade is shown conversing with “Dick, the Butcher from Ashford”.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, Ashford became known for nonconformism. A local resident, John Brown, was executed for heresy in 1511, and may have inspired the later namesake of the song “John Brown’s Body”. Thomas Smythe acquired the manor of Ashford as dowry from Queen Elizabeth I in the mid-16th century, and is buried in the parish church.

Dr John Wallis, the internationally recognised mathematician and one of Isaac Newton’s main tutors was born in Ashford in 1616, but moved to Tenterden in 1625 to avoid the plague. He was a promising student, and subsequently graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge.


Please note: We expect all finds to be shown for photographing, all items considered treasure for the finder to provide identification and a contact number. Whilst it is not our responsibility to report items of treasure found on our digs, we will advise the finder to do so and expect confirmation it has been done. And finds of this nature not reported will result in the finders details being passed to the relevant authority.

The event will start at 9am after a short briefing so please arrive between 8am and 8.45am. Digging finishes at 4.30pm. Parking will be on in the farm yard.

There will be catering at this event thanks to Nigel @ Foodie Doodies.

If you can no longer attend after registering for the event please UN REGISTER, failure to do so can result in you being blocked from all future LGD events.

Non paid members £20
Paid members with a membership card £15
Under 16s free (no need to register)

Bethersden Kent Sunday 11th February - Cars Only


Please only register 1 person for each vehicle, add a comment with the usernames of the people travelling with you. This is to help enable us to ensure that we have sufficient parking as it becomes restricted at this time of year. Thanks

Registration opens at 31-12-2017 22:05

Registration closes at 10-02-2018 18:00

Max Participants: 100

Registered Users:

  1. ColinAlexander
  2. Jonno7777777
  3. [email protected]
  4. Rafal76
  5. Donnjon
  6. Guyah
  7. Blacktaz1963
  8. Bulkk
  9. Susie
  10. royplomer
  11. Charnjust1981
  12. sweetjustice
  13. Fishbowl
  14. chunkybutt
  15. tigertank
  16. Keith
  17. BIGM
  18. mickledo
  19. Ctx3030kev
  20. R1neil
  21. Martincodling
  22. Bargepole
  23. Maarten
  24. PaulW
  25. Kizza87
  26. Jason69
  27. phil2401
  28. rick61
  29. Darren1982
  30. MarkKiff
  31. Davidalexander
  32. Ade1066
  33. DaveElliott
  34. andymorris2004
  35. offaandy
  36. soniyadav90025
  37. JonHann
  38. Viminal
  39. Xpdeus
  40. tristramhouse
  41. Sawbridge
  42. martinstuart
  43. Hallie2012
  44. Yowser123
  45. sxsi
  46. Geoffhamblin
  47. Joh42hod
  48. 01legodigger
  49. Leewhite
  50. SuffolkHunter
  51. mungogerry99
  52. Oliver1234
  53. Toffy86
  54. aka4ajax
  55. PAINY
  56. medievalman
  57. Squire
  58. Philjones
  59. TonyJones
  60. DJS97
  61. Warner20
  62. silverspade
  63. Lukewright87
  64. SwingLow
  65. RoAlexRo
  66. Gordonbrowne
  67. Andy68
  68. Blakey
  69. Alec
  70. Chrisb
  71. Defigdug
  72. Notquitethere
  73. Constantine
  74. Igor
  75. DanWolo
  76. Agnes82
  77. Steve75
  78. fusion81
  79. Glennyboy
  80. Odys
  81. kevinlord
  82. PieroDiCapite
  83. Terry
  84. Raytowner10
  85. Bert
  86. Zoneinvest

Registration is currently closed.


  1. Profile photo of Justindryden



    Hiya,ive registered my name but i have 3 friends who would like to come along aswell but i know they are “out out” tonight and will miss this! Could i reseve a spot for them and they will be in contact tomorrow? Graham,steve,and brad :)
    Hqppy new year
    Regards justin.

  2. Profile photo of Clair



    Laura will be traveling with me, she’s having trouble registering at the moment though. She’s just requested a password reset

  3. Profile photo of Mick Moylan

    Mick Moylan


    Mickledo- I’ll have 2 others in the vehicle

    Cheers and have a Happy New Year

  4. Profile photo of Graham Anderson

    Graham Anderson


    Hi Joanne, I am travelling with ‘Guyah’ who has registered my username is ‘Gander’. Thank you and HNY.

  5. Profile photo of Paul Wheal

    Paul Wheal


    Hi Joanne

    Can I add a +1 digger in my car please, its my son Chris, his username is Wheal, my username is PaulW number 39 on list.


      • Profile photo of Chris



        Hi Joanne I was a passenger but I’m no longer able to go. My username is wheal, I was a passenger in my dads car paulw who is still going.

        Kind regards

  6. Profile photo of chris



    Hi Joanne number 23 tigertank will be taking number 22 loaderboi101 and number 40 sparkey .

  7. Profile photo of andrew morris

    andrew morris


    I would like to bring 2 guests please. . Gary Reardon and Stephen Newman. Please confirm if this is ok. Thank you

  8. Profile photo of Jedo



    Hi Joanne

    I will be bringing Tinhat and Securis to this event so they don’t need to be registered separately.

    I am registered as JonHann no 67.

  9. Profile photo of Jamestopley



    Hi just registered for this event Hallie2012 I will be bring clan man dan Ollie1234 in my car if ok

  10. Profile photo of Jamestopley



    Sorry about other 2 comments phone kept messing up. There will be 4 of us in my car usernames are: Hallie 2012, Oliver1234, Toffy86 and Clan Man Dan. Hope this is all ok and look forward to see you there. Thanks

  11. Profile photo of Neil Peacock

    Neil Peacock


    Hi Joanne, It will be me and Nathan (11 year old) attending, in our car and not the mobile village we brought last year….lol

  12. Profile photo of Graham bull

    Graham bull


    hi ive registerd for the dig and so have a couple of my mates so can they be taken off the list as we are going in one car thankyou driver painy, to take off geebee,sully,beardebrad.thankyou..

  13. Profile photo of sxsi



    Hello, I’ll be bringing member ‘cuffs’ with me in my car, please add him. Thanks

  14. Profile photo of Paul hills

    Paul hills


    Sorry Joanne I’ve had to unregister for this event. I’ve got an inconsiderate sister who’s booked a 50th birthday party. Also means the boys won’t be coming. Sorry

  15. Profile photo of sxsi



    Hi. Is this ploughed land? Can you tell us a bit about the conditions if possible please? Thanks

  16. Profile photo of Mike Ball

    Mike Ball


    I am looking forward to digging with the group again. I will bring my son with me, he’s 9. Also, I would like to become a member but would have to pay when we arrive, I live in Brussels.

  17. Profile photo of Richard Butlin

    Richard Butlin


    Hi Joanne, I’ve just registered as I’d like to come along for my first letsgodigging event. Do we get a confirmation of the event with details where to go? Thanks, Rich

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Rich, welcome to Let’s Go Digging, you’ve picked a very good event as your first. The address details are given out the evening before the event at around 6pm on here and our facebook page. Hope this helps Thanks Joe

  18. Profile photo of Steve Brown

    Steve Brown


    Hi just registered, will be bringing Dennis & my grandson Connor who is 11 if that’s ok.

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Steve yes thats not a problem. We do not need to register him as he is under 16 so free on the day. Thanks

  19. Profile photo of Barry



    Hi Joanne I have just registered at no100 i will be driving with Ed-12 and antharper mark Gilbey as passengers thanks

  20. Profile photo of Dave Elliott

    Dave Elliott


    Hi Joanne Boyce

    I am registered on this event number 51
    I did reserve my passenger as Speedwayaces but his username is crusader78
    I had his name down wrong.

  21. Profile photo of Ian warner

    Ian warner



    I’ve Registered as a driver (warner20) I will be bringing grahamlister and gdig as passengers.


  22. Profile photo of Dan



    Is this still on the 11th Feb? Saw a post saying it’s now tomorrow (28th Jan), which I wouldn’t be able to make. Thanks.

  23. Profile photo of Ben hagger

    Ben hagger


    Hi would it be ok to come as a passenger with woody 86 as the driver please. Thanks

  24. Profile photo of Kevin Burgess

    Kevin Burgess


    Hi, it’s my first time at a LGD event. I have registered for the event. Do I pay on the day ?

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Kevin, Welcome to LGD and yes its simply pay on arrival. The address details go on here and our facebook page the evening before the event at around 6pm. Thanks

  25. Profile photo of DanWolo



    Hi Joanne, can you add my friend as passenger to the list? His name is Tadek L.

    • Profile photo of DanWolo



      Hi Joanne. Me and my friend TadekL still waiting for your answer, let me know please if you sorted out this

      All the best

  26. Profile photo of Keiran



    Hi can you put me down for this Sunday event I’m going with fusion81 thanks Ken80

  27. Profile photo of alexandru taciu

    alexandru taciu


    Hi Joanne
    Can you please add Monika as a passenger. Will come in my car. Potentially another LDG member will come with me. Will inform shortly. Thanks.

  28. Profile photo of Glen Foden

    Glen Foden


    Hi joanne i have registered on the car bit but i am the passenger so there will be 2 of us, is this ok ??

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Andrew, i have you registered with 2 guests so far, Gary Reardon + Stephen Newman, please can you confirm these. Thanks

  29. Profile photo of Graham Anderson

    Graham Anderson


    Hi Joanne, can you remove ‘Lobolad’ from the guest list, travelling with ‘Guyah’ nos 7, and myself (Gander), as work wont give him the day off. Thanks

  30. Profile photo of tony corneliu thira

    tony corneliu thira


    Hi Joanne. I was registered as a driver (position 50 in the car list), but I decided to travel as a passenger with Simon (user name sxsi, position 51; probably he will drop at 50 after my removal). I’ll remove myself from the car list, please add me to passengers. Thanks.

      • Profile photo of Terry



        Hi sorry to mess you about but the wife won’t be able to make it as she now has to work tomorrow but I will still be attending. Thanks

  31. Profile photo of Woodybeard



    Hi, would a place still be available for me as a passenger if I was to travel with ‘Warner20’ who is listed as driver number 63 here? Thanks

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      HI Paul, yes theres spaces, i will add you as a +1 if you change your mind can you let me know please so i can remove you from the list. Thanks

  32. Profile photo of chris



    Hi Joanne one of my passenger is in unable to come loaderboi 101

  33. Profile photo of James Blake

    James Blake


    Hi Paul and team, I’m really sorry, I tried to unregister yesterday as I have been pulled into work this morning, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. Sorry for such short notice. Hope all have a great day, I’m gutted

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