Colemere. 3rd June. MORE new fields/great finds every visit!

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Postcode for this dig is Sy12 0LG. Lyneal Hall Farm, Ellesmere. The farm at the bottom of this picture is our farm and the Red Cross is where you need to arrive to in the morning. Thanks


We cant get enough of this permission, so, we have secured further NEW fields and added these to one of the productive, lightly detected fields from our last visit.

This is where ‘our Graham’ found his first hammered! Be like Graham and find one too 🤠


Gold, hammered and other great finds from this site so we expect it to fill rapidly. So dont miss out, get your name down before its too late!

Please bring your own refreshments!


Strictly no dogs allowed at this event. Thanks


Please register below if you would like to attend this event!


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Colemere Sunday Diggers


Registration opens at 23-05-2018 12:29

Registration closes at 02-06-2018 23:29

Max Participants: 150

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  1. Profile photo of Bob



    Hi All,
    I have just joined today,
    I have not been on an open dig before, so will be like a virgin if I go on this dig ? So please be gentle with me,
    where do we find out the cost, and who do I pay on the day.
    will there be toilet facilities?
    very excited having found this site.

    • Profile photo of Chris



      Hi Bob, there wont be toilets on this dig as too small. Payment is made to admin on the gate on arrival. Cost for non members is £20. If you join us in July, all digs will be £15.we promise to be gentle with you 😉

      • Profile photo of Bob



        Hi Chris, thanks for the kind words. I can’t make it this week end sadly.
        I have not actually said I would be coming, do I have to do anything, ( like unregister ?? )
        if Chris is not on line could any one help please.

  2. Profile photo of Doug



    Why can’t I access the Facebook group.I’ve already messaged Paul and Joe with no replies.
    I’m a full member.
    I went on a dig just last weekend camping with LGD.
    I have always unregistered for any digs I can’t attend.
    I don’t understand what the problem is or what I’ve done if anything.
    Can someone please help. Thanks

    • Profile photo of Chris



      You cant access the Facebook page Doug because you cannot resist approaching people on our digs and complaining. You were removed once before but still you continue. At Wootton Bassett you were griping how you hadnt found anything, about your fuel costs etc and to be honest, at every dig you find something wrong. Your final comment about Paul and anyone drinking him under the table smashed it. You have been banned from other groups over your attitude, you are now banned from ours.

  3. Profile photo of Stuartc



    what time is kick off on sunday as i have got to shoot off at 1pm & would like to get as much time in as possible

  4. Profile photo of Ian



    Hi Chris
    Is it the same parking place as before?


  5. Profile photo of Gary Hall

    Gary Hall


    Hi everyone been on this dig twice……items found so far silver george 3rd sixpence..silver cane top with hallmark 1790 in date ..A few other coins… A landrover toy car wheels fallen of but besides that good condition not for sale…best find of all lead spindle whorl …medieval in date put it next to the roman ones I have found….slightly smaller hole different diameter. …I don’t go expecting to find alot its a bonus if you do….you should go to enjoy the day and meet people with the same intrest in the hobby has you…And it gets you out of the house from her in doors …..or your partner…..very good dig this one..good luck every one..

  6. Profile photo of John Parry

    John Parry


    Really looking forward to making this a “hat-trick” of visits, on last two visits I recovered quite a few coppers, some nice artefacts including a silver thimble and last time a fairly modern silver pendant… but its not what you find that makes the day, its seeing old friends again and what they have also found. Great history around the area, plus its not far from home so a double plus…. so bring it on… see you Sunday folks.. ;o)

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