Llangattock Dig, 100 acres of Pasture SATURDAY 12th May

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Surrounded by three castles, this dig will hopefully be well supported!

Ok folks, the Llangattock dig update! There’s good news and there’s bad news. First the bad news 😡
After setting off to the location today, we discovered the Llangattock we researched and promoted for this dig was not the Llangattock we thought it was. In fact. It is Llangattock Lingoed, a few miles outside Abergavenny.
Now for the good news 🤠
On arrival at the farm, on chatting to the farmer, we discovered we are closer to three castles than the other Llangattock. Not only that, at one end of the farm is the Three Castles Walk. Additionally, there is a stretch of road referred to ‘the Roman road’, a mile long, dead straight stretch.
The three castles are Grosmont, Skenfrith and Whitecastle.
Grosmont is 4 miles away as the crow flies, Skenfrith 6miles as the crow flies and White castle 2.8 miles. The battle of Grosmont was fought nearby in 1405.
I took a spin around the permission with the farmer, and there are old oak trees everywhere and a fresh water brook between two of our fields.
My personal opinion is that this is definitely a cloud with a silver lining and all the oak trees made an interesting visit.
The first field, where we will be parking on the day, according to the farmer, was known as ‘The Common’ by his Grandfather, which would have been around the late 1800’s onwards. This could of course been a common for many years prior if this is correct.
The farmhouse itself has a great piece of cast iron set into the fireplace with 1690 on it, the date the farmhouse was constructed.
The church of St.Cadoc is medieval, of Old Red Sandstone. The nave is quite long, ending in a battlemented tower and turret.
The interior includes a large wall painting of the early fifteenth century depicting St George slaying the dragon. The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales describes a possible interpretation of the painting as being a reference to the defeat of Owain Glyndŵr by the English at the battles of Campston Hill (1404) and Grosmont (1405), which were fought near to Llangattock Lingoed. There also remain some sixteenth century pews, “a rare survival.”
Some of the fields are pictured below along with the three castles and the local church.
There will be hot drinks available and snacks on ths dig from 07:30. Please do not arrive before this. Digging on this event will finish by 5pm.

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      HimRich, it wouod be better as it gives us a visual idea of numbers. Any problems just let me know.

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    Can I ask what time the briefing and start time is please?

    Many thanks
    Ian B

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    Hi All

    I think I a may have lost a white mobile phone at this dig. Just wondered if anyone had found it?
    Probably in the car park area?

    Ian B

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