Moreton in Marsh Rally. 120+ acres of cultivated land 27th August 2017

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The postcode for tomorrow’s dig at Moreton is GL56 0DS. The entrance is literally a couple of hundred yards on the left coming out of Moreton village. Admin are now on site and setting up, see you all tomorrow.


This dig will include the much desired field adjacent to the Fosseway road heading out of Moreton. For those of you who attended the last but one event there, it was all freshly seeded and we couldn’t get on to it. Everyone was asking when, well, it’s NOW! To date, every visit has provided an abundance of good finds, we even detected the floodplain this year and dragged up some nice stuff.

This field is sure to throw up,some great finds as its the closest to the village and running along the main Fosseway road.


Please register below if you would like to attend this event. Arrival from 07:30, briefing at 08:25 and detecting from 08:30

Hot and cold drinks will be available on the day, please show all your finds!

Moreton on Marsh Rally


Registration opens at 15-08-2017 07:43

Registration closes at 26-08-2017 23:45

Max Participants: 150

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  1. Profile photo of Paul Sumner

    Paul Sumner


    Hi Chris
    Could you please add my friend Colin Broughton to your list and he will pay £20.00 on the day and Im hoping he will join the group.

    This will be our first ever dig.
    Cant wait.


  2. Profile photo of

    Marie Downing


    First dig newbie hopefully will just plod along

  3. Profile photo of Paul Sumner

    Paul Sumner


    Hi Chris
    Hope the weekend dig went well.
    I need to add another friend to the list his name is Terry Mucklow who will be taking up Membership on the day.
    He will be bringing his son Josh who is not Detecting but helping his Dad.


  4. Profile photo of Petra



    Hi please can you also add 2 LP members, Martin Norris & John Charlton. Thanks

  5. Profile photo of Antony2471



    Hi Paul I’m trying to add David Hawke s down for Sundays dig but struggling , can he pay on the day ?

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