Nuneaton (Old Arley Event Return Visit) Saturday 25th March 100 acres of freshly turned cultivated land

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Please arrive after 07:30. NCMD cards will need to be shown and 1 form of ID.

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Saturday 25th March will be a return visit to Old Arley, our last visit was only a small event so very lightly detected and since then it has been turned over. We have 100 acres of cultivated land. Our previous event produced some wonderful finds including a Mary Groat and a Pocket Watch among plenty of other items.


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Old Arley return


Registration opens at 16-03-2017 08:59

Registration closes at 24-03-2017 18:00

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    Hi Paul and Chris l have registered coming up for this one from Brighton its nr the wife’s parents we have to visit can you make this one a free one for the Dig i attended a few weeks ago that didn’t work out the one with the Satellite dishes lol ….Thx Paul Dunning

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    Ahhh had to unregisterer father in-law has a bad cold so won’t be travelling up North ……

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    Sorry can’t make this now (Diggerwolf) got to cover illness at work.

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    Hi can u put me down for tomorrows old arley dig or am I too late 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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