Saturday 25th November, the ‘Civil War’ dig at Churchstoke, 70 acres+ grazed pasture!

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Linwood Mellington Church Stoke Powys SY15 6TD


is event is being held on 70 acres of grazed pasture at Churchstoke, Powys.

The placename identifies it as a farm (or settlement) with a church; recorded as ‘Cirestoc’ in 1086 in The Domesday Book.

Churchstoke is the home of the church of St. Nicholas The layout of the churchyard and its location immediately above the River Camlad suggests an early medieval origin. In 1881 the interior was laid out in its present form and the church was rededicated to St. Nicholas (having previously been dedicated to St. Mary).
The church has a 13th-century square tower at the western end, reduced in height in 1812 with a typical Montgomeryshire style timber-framed belfry and a pyramidal roof which was re-tiled with oak roof shingles in 2005.

The tower was used as a place of refuge during 14th century feuds and later in English Civil War battles. In 1646 the Parliamentarians attacked the Royalists who were planning to stay overnight at Churchstoke. The Royalists took refuge in the church and in the ensuing battle the Parliamentarians set fire to the church door forcing the Royalists to surrender so plenty of interesting history for our dig!

The cost for this event is £15 for our fully paid uo members and £20 for non-members/guests.

Please note, it’s only £20 to join Lets Go Digging and you get a fiver off each dig you do with us so along with all the other benefits, discounts on detectors etc etc, it’s daft not to join us!

if you would like to attend this event, please register below and remember, if you find you cannot attend for any reason, DE-REGISTER! Failure to comply with this will result in you being removed from LGD and restricted from attending future events.

Civil War Dig


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  1. Profile photo of Sarah



    Typical 2 events within 10 miles and can’t make either of them. 😫

  2. Profile photo of Fastcol



    I having trouble with logging in on this account so been trying a wile now and think I opened a new account can any one help please

  3. Profile photo of Paul cox

    Paul cox


    Can you put me down for a plus one please for this dig my mate sighned up but can’t get on the web site he has forgotten user name and password his email address is [email protected]

  4. Profile photo of Paul cox

    Paul cox


    Stu is sorted thanks is there any chance I can pick my membership card up on this dig

  5. Profile photo of Richard k

    Richard k


    Hi can i pick up my membership card up on the church stoke dig please I still haven’t received it

    • Profile photo of Joanne Boyce

      Joanne Boyce


      Hi Richard yes of course you can, i did send out a small batch of 6 cards but it appears that none of them arrived, and wasnt too sure whos they were until i received msgs about them so i am assuming yours is one as i dont have it here, i will redo your today. Thanks

  6. Profile photo of Mark



    Hi new member joined LGD if this dig is on 25 th can I pick up my membership card on the day please thank you

  7. Profile photo of Stu



    Hi can you please unregister myself +1 from this dig as we are unable to make it
    Sorry for any inconvenience


  8. Profile photo of Gary Hall

    Gary Hall


    Thankyou joanne you are a life saver . Her in doors was arranging a shopping trip to meadowhall.

  9. Profile photo of Jim Leech

    Jim Leech


    Hi Last time that I looked at this it was cancelled through lack of numbers so I`m afraid I have not turned up, Sorry

  10. Profile photo of D.c.grimbley



    Sorry I didn’t turn up today I thought you were cancelling because of lack of interest but just found out the dig went ahead

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