Shamley Green Rally, near Wonersh in Surrey. 3rd September

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The postcode for tomorrow’s Shamley Green dig is
GU5 0TL. Hope its as productive as today’s dig at Chalfont. St. Peter.
Drive safely everyone and remember to take a packed lunch and a drink.

This dig will take place on 110 acres of pasture within the area of Lords Hill Common near Worsham. Our postcode takes us within 1.7 miles, by road, of this location.

The area we are advised is close to Shamley Green.


There’s a lot of history attached to this area as you can see below!

State records show the name as Wonherche, (14th century); Ognersh and Ignersh, (16th and 17th centuries). The form Woghenersh, in a Charter roll of 1305, indicates the (Old English) formation (aet) wogan ersce, ‘at the crooked field’.

Pre Roman settlement
Finds have been found in the hamlet and forest of Blackheath of mesolithic (Stone Age) flint implements and near Chinthurst Hill.

Dark and Middle Ages
Based on foundations and core of the church, a settlement has existed in Wonersh village centre since Anglo-Saxon times.

An ilex (holly) tree stood in the garden of Green Place and estimates of its age ranged up to 1200 years. This certainly appears to support the existent of an ancient settlement in the area, as the ilex is not an indigenous species.

Wonersh is not named in the Domesday Book. All the six manors: Tangley or Great Tangley; Little Tangley; Halldish; Losterford/Lostiford above the intact mill and mill house by the village; Rowleys and; Chinthurst (partly in Shalford) were later built on lands then in Bramley and Shalford. Great Tangley Manor in 1582 became the residence of John and Lettice Carrill and descended to their grandson John Carrill (d. 1656) and his widow Hester, who secondly married Sir Francis Duncombe.

The church of Wonersh was formerly a chapel (of Shalford), and as such the advowson (right to appoint the vicar) was in the presentation of the King who later transferred it to St Mary without Bishopsgate in London; after this it was held by a line of nobles until bought in the 19th century by the lord of the manor.

Please register below if you wish to attend. The event will take place at 08:30 after a short briefing.



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    Just a little more info on the Shamley Green Dig. Just a few miles south west of shamley is the small village of Hascomb with its Hill Fort and about the same distance to the East is another Hill Fort on Holmbury Hill. There are a few roman villas not to far away and there is a connection with the old roman road, Stain Street to the south. Also to the north is the City of Guildford with its Norman Castle.Happy Hunting Guys.

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