Steep Holm Mid Week Dig April 3rd. 4 acres of scrub, bramble, nettle and prickly thorn.

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This event will take place on the South West island of Steep Holm, in the Bristol Channel near Weston-super-Mare.

Laden with history from Roman habitation to mythical buried pirate treasure, this is certainly not a dig to miss!

GENUINE PICTURES TAKEN OF CENTURIONS AT STEEP HOLM ROMAN FORT AND PIRATES SEEN BURYING TREASURE!!! Thanks to Roman photographer Fotus Shottus for kindly allowing us to use this image.


Thanks also to unknown 16th Century pirate photographer for this picture taken during a treasure burying.



The island has many ancient caves to explore, please be aware that wildlife inhabit these areas so exercise caution when entering.

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It is in these caves Medieaval footwear has been found!

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Your day will be filled with many exciting places to explore!

Although this is only a 1 day event, due to by-laws stipulating no sailing crafts are allowed to land on the island,attendees will be required to arrive at the departure point at 05:00 am in order to work with the tide times to gain access to the island.

Please be aware that there will be a 2.4 mile wade though treacherous mud from the mouth of the river to the first meeting point. It is important to note that anyone under the height of 4’6″ will likely require assistance as there are sections of the mud which are over 5ft deep. Please also ensure your boots are easily removable in case you have to be extracted from the mud at any stage.

Below are pictures of our Admin who popped over to the dig location last week to ensure ease of access. All admin reported they made the journey successfully.

It is very important to note that the tides in this area are very rapid and any stragglers do run the risk of being swept away. Please ensure all of your detecting equipment is packed into a watertight holdall so that we can recover and raffle it in the event you are dragged out to sea.

On arrival at the island, there is a small climb up to the briefing area. The picture below is of Paul Howard scaling it. He has assured me that it was a complete doddle and has confirmed there should be no problems making it to the meeting area. He has kindly left the rope in place. 1aa-42_1024-3

Refreshments were going to be provided by Nigel of Foodie Doodies but unfortunately he didn’t make the crossing in time and his catering trailer was whisked out to sea. We have found items beleved to be from the snack van 😢


We received a text message and some images from him this morning showing him struggling with the elements.

On arrival at base camp, we will be conducting a 5 minute briefing via mobile phone to anyone who makes it there and can take a call then you will be setting off to the dig areas.

Your admin for this event will be:

NIGEL (Chief Admin)



Mandy & Tom



Please not the island has substantial mature growth, machetes will be provided for those requiring them…….


We will of course be running our usual super raffle with a FIRST PRIZE of a set of two, top of the range detctor and accessory bags!


SECOND PRIZE will be a super, family sized whte chocolate Easter egg



Many other top prizes of quality confectionary, beers and wines!




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PLEASE REMEMBER, TICKETS ONLY £5.00 or £30 for strip of 5.


As you can see, this event is likely to be booked up very quickly so please make sure you get your names down as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We are restricting numbers to 400 in the hope 30 will make it safely to the island.

Could whoever is at the front of the line walking out to the island in the morning please call either myself or Paul on arrival at the briefing point to let us know you have arrived safely and inform us of losses.

We will ensure we have our phones on as we co-ordinate the dig from our base. Due to the nature of the potential risks to our members, we will obviously be far too worried to eat much so will settle for a quick breakfast snack whilst watching you make your way to the island through high powered binoculars from the safety of a 5 star seafront hotel.


Please note that ALL finds are to be handed over to the Steep Holm trust where they will be recorded and retained.

Steepholme is also a nature reserve which hosts a diverse insect population, especially a wide range of rare and poisonous spiders which are shown below. Please note they are protected so try and avoid causing any harm should one bite you. Just calmy brush it aside and seek immediate medical assistance.


We hope you all have a great day with (out) us on this Easter Special Event and look forward to welcoming survivors to a beach barbecue (tickets £20 payable in advance) on your return.

Kind thanks to Morley Howard who will be cooking the food and just to get your juices flowing, here are a few pics from his last beach BBQ!







The cost per person for this event is just £35 which includes a free LGD lucky bag containing a liquorice stick, 3 chocolate coated peanuts and a fried egg Haribo.

This dig is restricted to just 500 in order not to overcrowd.

Steepholm Dig


Registration opens at 31-03-2018 23:59

Registration closes at 03-04-2018 00:01

Max Participants: 10

Registration is currently closed.



  1. Profile photo of Seaglass



    At last, a dig worth getting up for ! 😎 Thanks Soooo much for organising this one. Happy first of the month ! 😂

  2. Profile photo of Bob



    Would of come but washing my hair. I wondered if u had and you have.

  3. Profile photo of Paul Sumner

    Paul Sumner


    Sorry cant make it my right arm has seized up after yesterdays dig.
    good luck to all that attend this fantastic dig.

    Don’t forget to show us your finds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Profile photo of Ian



    Was this the island where the well known treasure hunter ‘Polar Foil’ found the chest of gold coins?

  5. Profile photo of Paul Garner

    Paul Garner


    Does the food cost extra on this one or, due to the higher than normal dig cost, is it free ?

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