The ‘Holy Moor’ Rally, Derbyshire, May 7th! 75-80 acres of pasture. Limited numbers!

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The postcode for this dig is S42 7HW. [Longside Road) Please look out for Admin when arriving for parking instructions and payment. No old fivers please if you can avoid it! Safe travel to all and good luck!


This event is in an area with some good local history in and around our permission at Holymoorside, 4 miles from Chesterfield. The town has traced its beginnings to the 1st century AD and the construction of a Roman fort which became redundant and was abandoned once peace was achieved. Later an Anglo-Saxon village grew up on the site. The name Chesterfield derives from the Anglo-Saxon words caester (a Roman fort) and feld (grazing land). There is a historical reference about Monks crossing this land, hence Holy Moor, we are presently researching this and will update accordingly.

We are only 8 minutes from Walton, 15 minutes from historic Chatsworth House and a couple of miles across to fields to Old Brampton.

The name Walton comes from settlement/farmstead of Wealas – native Celts which is what the new Anglo Saxon speaking peoples called the native inhabitants of England. There is strong evidence that in many areas of England taken over by Germanic speaking settlers, the native British (Wealas) remained undisturbed, farming the same land they did when the Romans left. Over time they just adopted or forgot their Celtic tongue (similar to Old Welsh/Cornish) for the language and culture of the newcomers in order to climb the social ladder or were coerced to do so. It was in the Anglo Saxon interest that the native British carry on as usual to ensure the economy produced food and goods for the new landowners.

Chatsworth House


Old Brampton lies on the ancient road westward across the moors to Baslow and beyond. It’s church is Grade 1 Listed, dating from Norman times. Mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, Old Brampton was one of the manors belonging to Walter Deincourt, who accompanied William the Conqueror to England in 1066.

old brampton


Holymoorside once hosted four public houses but only two remain: The Lamb Inn and The Bull’s Head. The Lamb Inn was part of a butcher’s business dating back to 1851, with the present design of the pub dating from 1953 when the shop moved to new premises on New Road. The Bull’s Head has roots dating back to 1881.


The Old Star, an additional pub on Loads Road but now a private residence dating back to 1820, was notorious for the suicide, by cutting the throat, of a landlord in 1886. Its owners, Chesterfield Borough Council, sold the pub at auction in April 1921, when Mrs H. Dickens secured the sale with a bid of £1500. The Old Star closed in 1959 with a local newspaper report at the time stating that it had been licensed for 300 years.

The Woodman’s Arms was an alehouse, which only sold beer and not spirits or wines. As the name suggests, the landlord’s main occupation was a woodcutter and timber merchant. The earliest mention of the premises in the local trade directories was in 1862. Now a private residence, the building still stands as Sycamore House, on the narrow lane between The Lamb and The Bull’s Head.

The village has three churches, reflecting the religious history of the “Holy Moor”. There is a local grocer, newsagent and weekly Post Office at the village hall. The oldest building in the village is Hipper Hall, an early 17th-century farmhouse with an even older tithe barn. The original school was built in 1874 largely at the expense of the millowners, the “Manlove family”.

The Manloves were proprietors of the cotton thread mill which was built towards the end of the 18th century. This mill employed many of the women and girls of the village, whilst the men and boys worked in the tin mine. The mill buildings, which were three storeys high and were acquired by the Manlove Brothers around 1840, were prosperous for about 50 years, employing 200 people at its peak, but closed in 1902 and now hardly a trace remains of their existence. After 1902 the site was demolished, and in 1930 a row of houses called Riverside Crescent replaced the mill.


Chronological History of Village

Before 1300

St Peter and Paul, Old Brampton, served Doghole (Holymoor Road), Pocknedge and Load.

The area was mainly farming, as was Harewood Grange, which was also penitentiary and

burial ground of Beauchief Abbey until 1536


Chantry Chapel built for use of monks from Beauchief along with Chander Hill Farm.


Hipper Hall. Cruck Barn, used as Tithe Barn


Wills made and proved for Loads (or Lodes) residents.


Lead Smelting at Loads.


Cruck Barn, Pocknedge Lane.


Red Lead Mill at Loads.


Four Lead Smelting works in area (oldest 1581)

Red Lead Mill at Cathole to 1812.


Will made and proved for Doghole man.


Howley Corn Mill.



Beerhouse  known by the sign of the Besom and used by Jaggers (southerly end of Gallery Lane.


Bull’s Head.


Main three-storey Cotton Mill (1790 Richard Arkwright had and interest).

Cotton Mill Dam.


Corn Mill (formerly Red Lead Mill) at Cathole.


Dye Mill


Corn Mill at Loads, also Brick Works.


Old Star Inn.


Great Storm, which flooded Hipper Valley.

Two dams on Loads Brook breached.


Primative Methodist Chapel, Loads Road.


Wesleyan Chapel, New Road.

Simeon Manlove


Mill owner and benefactor to the Village lived at Vale Cottage (Holymoor House)

Produced and Dyed high-quality sewing cotton.


Built nineteen houses on New Road for workers.


Mill converted to steam power and moved to live at Belmont.


Largely responsible for building Congregational Church. Gave land at rear of dam for Recreation Ground


Built fourteen houses at Wasps Nest (Gallery Lane).

One hundred and twenty people employed at Mill.


Two hundred and nine people employed at Mill.


Largely responsible for new School on New Road. (Closed 2003)


Optimum employment at Mill.


Mills closed.


Please register for this event below. There is a 100 person limit. Event will commence at 08:30 and finish at approximately 5pm.

Please ensure you have your NCMD cards available and one form of ID.



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